Leg Bags Are Star Athletes' Best-Kept Secret

How the NormaTec, a pulse compression device, has been a game changer for athletes.
4:46 | 01/02/17

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Transcript for Leg Bags Are Star Athletes' Best-Kept Secret
The new way to help you killed called. Data compression it's a process for athletes and fitness fans are embracing a trade a variety of conditions ABC Kenny whitworth. They've been tropical. It's time to improve the circulation in Milwaukee and sticks. Sure and it makes for good sitcom comedy and bags inflate. But those plagued banks are called norm attacked and they're no joke in the world of professional sport. It's been a game changer for athletes. Marker Nunez had training coach for the lakers regularly uses the pulse compression device on all players. I would not travel without Norma tech I would not. Have much renewal time Norma tech it can make it's like to ask how the body lakes Nixon come film more fresh for the next day. And when it comes to injuries some feel. The Norma tech makes the difference between playing the next game or sitting out just. Listen we had a pair with the ankle sprain first and we did is put him on Norma tech and we actually artists on a difference the next morning. Apple Catholics among vials LeBron James Carmelo Anthony somewhere quiet but it's not only for the elite. At the unbreakable gym in West Hollywood there's a lounge area equipped with the devices for all members to use. I don't want to live our them. Drilling in more and I want to walk out their home got to feel great series onion that it charities and on the text late. After I did my leg today I would have to walk around and then you will feel. Not just an immediate. Impact. You'll feel it impact that are that night. Thank you couldn't hang. Naturally I gave it a try. It's gonna work its way out okay that seems sealed the pressure your feet and I can feel. More pressure kind of moving yet. The company says the polls recovery system is designed to help with circulation reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to your muscles the sleeves Philips with hair causing compression and then intermittently pulses and releases. The whole thing is unique to Norma tech but there are plenty of other pneumatic led compresses around. And I didn't have these two we're warmer. There's about 1520 minutes to mullah. You know Batavia. Things that are settled so you know and he he's he's so we hope real people took the. For Good Morning America can whitworth ABC news Los Angeles. That's good to know they helped purple people. Bent on trying to went right on out of jail and back here with this isn't the norm addicts sleep. Through the bit about what makes it what what medically is going on. Right so the first well there are a lot of different companies not just the norm attack but basically the theory here is that if it's providing greeted him sometimes pulse a tile. Compression in a circumstantial manner so if you look at this. Incredible model we made to simulate what really is going on below the skin yellow as skin and fat pink as muscle then you have no lymph. Nerve artery vein and this is squeezing think of it like a massage. You know around the body part they make up for arms legs or trunk. Okay and the theory here is that it's not just bringing a waste some possible Selma traveling like lactic acid that might make your legs feel had beaten or your arm feels sore. But also may be increasing blood flow and bringing more beneficial. Mediators to the site but we need more data on Matt Leon Cooke of something similar went ahead. My shoulder right what like surgery isn't right ago with the same kind of thing. It was a history behind this like so many things in the wellness space and this started really hard core medically in the hospital setting. We use things called sequential compression devices in the operating room on legs. Anyone who's been hospitalized Ers had surgery may remember those squeezing their legs. On to prevent blood clots of their used a lot of times in patients with convenience ulcers or bad peripheral circulation of a certain type. So now it's kind of filling mainstream for you know the pro athlete or or just weekend warrior I had my. We look at me like an Afro yeah I'm sick and she couldn't deal of the blame either or he or you Robin. Many cons of this well yeah but won't. Of course like anything you wanna go for moderation and you already use it or apply it with too much pressure or too tightly there's a potential that it can cause some injury it's can be expensive if you want to buy one of these bad boys fear how you're talking about 500 dollars. You know but again there are some other companies there and you really don't want to overuse it physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists and athletic trainers are using these all the time. I would say there and every pro locker room and elite team lock government realizes that they Alia if they did business like it'll put him polish a little bit elated the other OK thank you very much like that I don't. Yeah yeah. Try.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"How the NormaTec, a pulse compression device, has been a game changer for athletes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44504916","title":"Leg Bags Are Star Athletes' Best-Kept Secret","url":"/GMA/video/leg-bags-star-athletes-best-secret-44504916"}