Lego Comes Through Big for Young Fan

Boy's desire for a discontinued Lego set catches attention of toymaker.
2:09 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Lego Comes Through Big for Young Fan
We have a story for you now, a remarkable one, about a boy. His understandable love for lego's and his pure elation. He saved up for one special lego set that he dreamed of owning, only to find out that the company had stopped making it. But a very thoughtful woman saved the day. And for that, "gma" salutes her. Take a look. Yes. Reporter: This is the sound of a young boy's joy, finally getting the lego set he coveted for years. The emerald knight train. For james, lego's aren't just toys. They're the building blocks of his dreams. When I got my first lego set, I realized that if I combined them all together, I can actually build anything. James' obsession comes from the fact that he has asperger's syndrome. Reporter: James uses the blocks in group therapy. You can imagine what happened when he saw this two years ago, the emerald knight train. He says, mom. There's a lego train. I have to have it. We decided that we would have him save up for it. Reporter: So, james worked and saved, for two, long years. Earning the $100 he'd need. Saved up all of my allowance, birthday, and holiday money. Reporter: But then, heartbreak. They stopped making them. And they were gone from the market. Reporter: And used ones, well, they cost three-times as much. So, james wrote a letter. A couple of years ago, i found the emerald knight train set and fell in love with it. Reporter: I got another lego set, thinking I could forget about the enight. But anytime I see it anywhere online, I get very sad and disappointed. Then, one day, just before james' birthday, a box arrived. Yes. The emerald box. I finally have it. Reporter: Lego had found him that train. I just wanted to pinch myself because I must have been

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{"id":17902557,"title":"Lego Comes Through Big for Young Fan","duration":"2:09","description":"Boy's desire for a discontinued Lego set catches attention of toymaker.","url":"/GMA/video/lego-discontinued-emerald-night-train-set-young-massachusetts-17902557","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}