'Life of Pi' Tiger Interview: Sam Champion Channels Wild Side

Animal from Oscar-nominated film "Life of Pi" makes an appearance in the "GMA Actors Studio."
2:34 | 02/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Life of Pi' Tiger Interview: Sam Champion Channels Wild Side
EC has the Oscars so we really. Are the network that has the end and we start our Oscar coverage with our GMA actors studio by the way. We're plunging into the back stories in the motivations of the characters in the biggest movies of the year the motivation. I mean this it. So -- You write good English are very solid -- nonstarter that tiger from the life of -- take a look at how George -- this. Had to get into character plus stretching what seafood. Fish. Not a big voter. Generally. -- spend my time you know more horsepower. But for this role I really did a whole lot of sea ferry are. I learned some -- terms. -- -- Ford's one of us and I know this may not be comfortable but I've heard reports you're pretty difficult -- What's difficult really -- life -- take blood. What's my line -- seven -- -- please milk I don't wanna ask twice take 500. Where. It's that life. And it's bad here. Okay fine I was difficult. Because this story is about the tiger George. It's about that it's not about some kid and the photography. Really you got this to work with and you're gonna say how great the lighted more. Even in bad lighting the tiger let's go to our bottom line -- -- win the Oscar. I didn't I really don't do -- for the awards. Coming for me. It's really about. But craft -- yeah. A winning -- exploit. People. Milk. Wow -- That was so much better that -- ever home yeah well. Well well all the other Oscar nominated films and make your picks for which films and actors who win on your Oscars ballot. By the way had a Good Morning America dot com slash Oscars right now and you can see the Oscars right here on the ABC at 7 eastern 4 Pacific. On Sunday. Sunday how it's Alex minutes hitting its session this week announced.

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{"id":18529161,"title":"'Life of Pi' Tiger Interview: Sam Champion Channels Wild Side ","duration":"2:34","description":"Animal from Oscar-nominated film \"Life of Pi\" makes an appearance in the \"GMA Actors Studio.\"","url":"/GMA/video/life-pi-tiger-interview-sam-champion-channels-wild-18529161","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}