Lindsay Lohan Avoids Jail, Agrees to Rehab

Actress accepts plea deal in misdemeanor car crash of June 2012.
6:01 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for Lindsay Lohan Avoids Jail, Agrees to Rehab
I'm -- Ferrari for ABC news in New York Lindsay Lohan was in court today to face charges she lied to police saying she was not behind the wheel during a car accident in California. Under -- in about 45 minutes. After her appearance is scheduled to begin Lohan was -- Bob right now I want to bring an evening news radio correspondent Alex Stone. Who is at the courthouse Alex we understand Lohan has agreed to a plea deal what -- court decided. And Erica we're very much an eleventh hour deal murder trial was supposed to already started when she got -- -- -- -- out she was already late the trial -- gotten going. Right before the judge walked -- Marc Keller blow and maturity I came up bright and lot of need to. The prosecutors and had eight guys can't we talk and we figured something out -- well if the judge allows it sure they would go back -- for the next three hours. They worked -- -- the only given coming out they would -- a low and they would go back in they would agree thing she would disagree with some. But in the end here. What they've got is no jail time -- -- and she won't suspend any the next couple of weeks or months in jail as prosecutors want it much she was trying -- -- She will have to live in a residential treatment better or ninety days job to do thirty days of public surveys -- team -- Psycho therapy. They a couple of 100000 dollars -- -- find the bottom line. What she didn't want was jailed Simon it was pretty clear if she went to trial you -- -- She was gonna go to jail and -- now she makes this deal no jail time. -- okay now why exactly is she in court today what happened on the Pacific Coast Highway that day. Well it goes back to -- out Porsche -- crashed cheek claimed she told police that she wasn't driving better Britain was driving she was on her way. To respect she said there's been no it wasn't me I didn't do what she ran into appear. And should go to -- -- actually the driver. Cities were misdemeanor charges of lying to police -- -- -- probation. So this was potentially based in violation leak out what -- -- you know they -- -- all -- itself overall. -- deal now there is some potential jail time if she can't keep her act together. About 180 days in jail for. Lying to police another five days in jail. For the probation violation. Their way right now but it's being -- her if she can't -- in line with the rules out. Peace deal today then she producer that jail time under 85 -- Okay now we're -- -- reports that she apparently stopped over at a liquor store to change her -- is that correct. At least so not only was she late flying in from new York and we were tracking -- -- and we knew that she will make it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's an audience they left. -- the airport -- -- -- exit the court out here didn't came back they apparently forgot her luggage or Joseph -- has gone wrong simply isn't. They couldn't get the trunks closed they worked on for awhile apparently got those in the -- And eat this caravan of three black get QB's been stopped at a liquor store cross the freeway from the court here. It stayed there for a while we believe inside -- her clothes her -- a liquor store they came back out. They were about ten minutes it was quite bizarre meantime. They charge -- waiting McCourt wrote. Media attorneys everybody was waiting inside this courthouse. Wondering what -- -- doing and and she showed up in different opened but yet they were parked at this liquor store for quite some time. All right Alex I want to go back a little -- you because this latest episode actually began yesterday when Lohan was supposed to be headed to the West Coast the mean girls star -- -- final flight from New York to Los Angeles last night should she was out of luck and out of options she had no chance of making her court hearing but that an energy drink company mr. -- contacted her and offered -- -- their private -- Lindsay tweeted this out earlier today thanks mr. paying for the private -- See -- -- in a few hours and LA so Alex. Is it true that the only reason Lohan had to go to LA in the first place is that she didn't have a California based lawyer what's going on with that. Essentially that's right burst on -- -- -- -- predicting it was kind of but I noticed as her caravan -- leaving it at mr. She put into Kabul yesterday in New York -- this morning -- no way to get LA an award -- have been issued for arrest she didn't show up here. So mr. thing that's -- -- -- company energy drink company. I jumped and -- -- -- -- Peterborough airport at about 6 o'clock this morning and that question we're getting here. She failed to get bought and take off on. Sort commercial. She urgent one because -- -- for help but to art Keller say. -- -- -- It is paraded by -- arch about a week after weeks ago for not being competent -- Californian law in New York attorney. If you common you're not -- be sponsored by an attorney and cattle -- get a sponsor but that's sponsor showing up in the -- Mr. Keller your new -- Terry electorate in California court you're getting all wrong you're not doing a very good job. With a competent California attorney. And that's what he did say there was a California attorney -- -- who is helping them out and California law. The saga continues ABC's Alex Don thank you for joining us for all the latest Lohan but I'm Erica Ferrari in New York.

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{"id":18758399,"title":"Lindsay Lohan Avoids Jail, Agrees to Rehab","duration":"6:01","description":"Actress accepts plea deal in misdemeanor car crash of June 2012.","url":"/GMA/video/lindsay-lohan-avoids-jail-agrees-rehab-18758399","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}