Lindsay Lohan 'Kind of Wanted to Go to Jail'

The troubled star opened up to Oprah Winfrey about her rehab and sobriety.
2:53 | 08/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lindsay Lohan 'Kind of Wanted to Go to Jail'
lindsay lohan opening up about her road to recovery. The talented but troubled star sat down with oprah winfrey last night talking about substance abuse and how she's finally turning her life around. Abc's linsey davis has the story. been in and out of rehab 1iks times. Her failures and run-ins with the law all chronicled, photographed and ridiculed but this time she says this time is different. I don't think in the past I've ever fully surrendered to the fact that I just need to shut up and listen. In this case I wasn't fighting at all. Reporter: Fresh out of three months of rehab, the star is now opening up to oprah talking about being an alcoholic, her addiction to adderall and going to jail in 2010. Having all the chaos around me that I was so comfortable with, I somewhere inside knew and kind of wanted to go to jail. Why? Just to find some peace. Reporter: She suggests she's finally on her way to finding that peace. I'm different. I feel different. I'm in a different head space. I don't want those things that i wanted before. All right lohan's sit-down with oprah is the latest in her recent attempts to overhaul her tarnished image. In a case of art imitating life, the actress was invited to APPEAR ON HB O's SHOW "EASTBOUND And down" about a former baseball star trying to make a comeback and reportedly received a standing ovation from the crew after filming. Lately the reports are very good that she's shown up on time, she's shown up ready to work. Reporter: On her new website lindsaylohan.Com they've posted messages of support, you're almost there. Pray hard and do good and yay, linds lindsay, keep moving forward. What does that path to recovery look like to you? Staying present. And clear-headed and focused. Reporter: Earlier this month the 27-year-old former child star guest hosted the show "chelsea lately." I saw this recently. Lohan needs therapy. Yeah. Reporter: Where she described her recent stint in rehab has a 90-day court ordered vacation in malibu. Lohan says she really wants to be back on set and start doing tv and movies again. She's in the movie "the canyons" which just came out this month and all she's taking is vitamins and nexium for acid reflux and trying to get her life back together. Something about this time might seem a little different. She says she's in a different head space. Who knows. She did seem different. A day at a I'm. When oprah was on, oprah said she felt verypositive. What everyone has been hoping for. Everyone has been hoping she'd pull it together. Coming up, everybody, prince

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{"id":19998730,"title":"Lindsay Lohan 'Kind of Wanted to Go to Jail'","duration":"2:53","description":"The troubled star opened up to Oprah Winfrey about her rehab and sobriety.","url":"/GMA/video/lindsay-lohan-interview-oprah-winfrey-rehab-star-reveals-19998730","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}