'LIVE With Kelly and Michael' Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan share the details of the momentous occasion.
4:44 | 09/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'LIVE With Kelly and Michael' Celebrates One-Year Anniversary
He's with our friends, kelly and michael, live at their studios. V.I.P.s? Are we on? I didn't know we were on. This is the show? Nobody knows when they're on, on "gma." We're really doing a segment here? We're doing a segment. We really are. Kelly ripa. Welcome to "good morning america." Congratulations, by the way. This is a year -- a year. I know. Coming up that you guys have been together on television. It seems like ten. It's so funny. We were saying, on the one hand, it seems like ten years. Because it seems like we've been together forever, like an old married couple. On the other hand, the year has gone like that. I have to mention. Hair-starya. You have created a buzz with the new look. I love it, by the way. Me, too. Well, sam -- I love it. I think it's fresh. Very sexy. You like it? It was either this or a sex change. You're creating a little bit of buzz, too. You were at the open. And also, your kids are -- are they officially hollywood's cutest kids? They're cute kids to their dad. But we were in "people" magazine. That was great. I love hanging out with the girls. And have a great relationship with them. There they are. My little babies. So, isabella and sofia. We talked about this when you took the job, now, the family was going to be everywhere. How is it managing all of that? How is it managing the fame and the fame for the family and everything that kelly had to put up when she got here, too? I watch how kelly handled it. And it's pretty much, the same thing. You do your thing here but you have to maintain a normal life. You go home and spend time with your kids. I don't go out if I don't have to go out. I'm very normal. This city is one city where you fit in everywhere. I like that about new york. People walk the streets and no one bothers me. What is special now? What are you going to do to say this is our moment? IS IT THE 13th? 13th OF SEPTEMBER. The official day. That's our official -- where we have our big celebration. Yesterday was really our official one-year anniversary of being on the air together. And gelman couldn't get the show ready by then? It's a -- a buildup, he says. We're having our viewers' choice show. All of the best moments for the past year that our viewers styled that. Can we go over moments last year. Can we do this on videotape. Kelly and michael, wife-carrying competition. And leg wrestle. Sam, don't act like you and i don't wrestle three times. That's wife carrying. This is wife carrying. I have to ask, when you see these pictures of you in this position, being carried. Now, you see the other people, what's going through both of your minds at that moment? I'm mad because we didn't win. We were furious. We had the wrong style. I agree. Gelman said I should not be carried like that. He didn't think it was a flattering angle. So, I was head-up. But I immediately realized when we went through the underpass, that my head almost came off of my body. That I had the wrong end facing up. Yes. If ever given the opportunity to do wife-carrying 2, the thing we learned is how to carry. And I don't have that pesky hair. That hair won't hold me down. And we will win. I can do one more. I can make weather tight. Let's do the football challenge with taylor lautner. This is the football challenge. Ready for this? What in the world is going through your mind now, kelly? What I'm saying is, now, my daughter will finally think I'm cool. That's what's going through my mind. What are you thinking? I'm thinking that ktaylor should have tried out for the jets. It's been fun to watch you every morning. We do from "gma." And apparently oprah says, and oprah would know, that you are the king and queen of morning television now. Well, thank you to and ra. And thank you for waking us up every day. Your show gets us up and doing. How about we do weather.

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{"id":20163642,"title":"'LIVE With Kelly and Michael' Celebrates One-Year Anniversary","duration":"4:44","description":"Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan share the details of the momentous occasion.","url":"/GMA/video/live-kelly-michael-celebrates-year-anniversary-20163642","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}