Los Angeles Plane Passengers Delayed For Three Days

People were trapped at LAX for several days waiting for their flight to be rescheduled.
2:17 | 07/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Los Angeles Plane Passengers Delayed For Three Days
Now to yet another wild story at an airport. Anybody who travels by air has war stories about canceled flights, crying babies. I promise you it's nothing compared to what just happened to a group of passengers trying to fly out of Los Angeles. Their flight was delayed for, wait for this, three days. ABC's Brandi Hitt is at L.A.X. With the latest. Brandi, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. You know, just hard to imagine what this was like. All of us have had delays, frustration with having your flight delayed. These passengers finally had some relief this morning. But now imagine this as you mention, sleeping here on the floor with nowhere to go for several uncomfortable days. This morning, stranded flyers are finally home after an epic delay at L.A.X. Just been horrendous. Reporter: The Norwegian air shuttle flight didn't get off to a flying start. The 285 passengers spending three days stuck in the airport. Some of them forced to sleep on the terminal floor. Others were a bit more lucky. The first night we basically went to a hotel and begged for a room. Reporter: The flight to London was supposed to leave Wednesday. But because of mechanical problems it was delayed and delayed and delayed. Flyers getting fed up. I could have afforded another flight I would but I can't. Speaking out. Might go with a different airline next time. I think their response has been really just appalling. They haven't been able to provide us with enough information. Reporter: In a statement to ABC news overnight Norwegian air shuttle apologized for the delays and said we tried very hard to find hotels for all of our passengers but, unfortunately, capacity was limited due to Obama's L.A. Visit. The president was here for a fund raider. As for the flight, the airline says the delays were due to an unspecified technical problem with the Boeing dreamliner. Passengers were not just upset at delays but lack of communication from the crew. You know who else is angry, Ron Claiborne. President Obama's visit is the reason why the hotels were flooded. Ron is on the phone with his attorney right now. That's not cool. In not cool. Not cool. We have a verdict. Not cool. Okay, Brandi, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"People were trapped at LAX for several days waiting for their flight to be rescheduled.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24725675","title":"Los Angeles Plane Passengers Delayed For Three Days","url":"/GMA/video/los-angeles-plane-passengers-delayed-days-24725675"}