Lotto Murder Trial: Moore's New Outburst in Court

Woman accused of killing lotto winner Abraham Shakespeare lashes out during her trial.
2:26 | 12/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lotto Murder Trial: Moore's New Outburst in Court
with the latest fireworks at the florida lottery murder trial. In court yesterday, the woman accused of murdering a man after taking millions of his lottery winnings, acted out again. Crying, shouting at a witness, and fighting with her own lawyers. And linsey davis is here with all of the details. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, george. Five out of nine days of this trial dee dee moore has broken down in court. Where her emotions ran so high, she had to be reprimanded by the judge. And thursday, of course, no different. Dee dee moore's latest emotional outburst was so severe, the judge temporarily stopped the trial so she could pull herself together. Ms. Moore, I'm going to tell you once again, you need to composeyourself. Reporter: The breakdown came after the girlfriend of abraham shakespeare, the man moore is accused of murdering, took the stand. He ran out of the bank. And he wasn't coming back. She wanted me to be so mad with him. Reporter: Victoria butler described moore as divisive and manipulative. And went on to say that shakespeare, who won $30 million in the florida lottery in 2006, had given away most of his winnings for people who simply asked for it. Prosecutors say moore stole what he had left and then killed him. You want another moment to talk to your lawyer? Yes. Then, take that moment. Reporter: Moore's reaction to butler's testimony was so severe, at one point, she yelled out, I'm tired of these people lying. This is my life. She went on to insist that her lawyers, against their better judgment, showed portions of a home video she shot of shakespeare's ex-girlfriend, that moore felt prove the ex was lying on the stand. She showed up in a camera. And asked me to participate and I want to make this up and put it online. Reporter: Jurors watched this video, which the prosecution says links moore to shakespeare's murder. It's walmart surveillance video of moore making a $400 cash purchase, of gloves, duct tape, plastic sheeting and other items detectives found not far from where shakespeare's body was buried. Items an informant testified earlier, he told moore he'd need to get rid of shakespeare's body. Dee dee moore maintains she is innocent. The trial was supposed to end today. But the judge told the jury they probably won't get the case until some time next week. They're not going to the death penalty in this case. If the prosecution prevails, moore could get life in prison.

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{"id":17902652,"title":"Lotto Murder Trial: Moore's New Outburst in Court","duration":"2:26","description":"Woman accused of killing lotto winner Abraham Shakespeare lashes out during her trial.","url":"/GMA/video/lotto-winner-abraham-shakespeare-murder-trial-dee-dee-17902652","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}