'Loveumentary' In Search of American Love Stories

Kickstarter campaign hopes to "reinvigorate the country's faith in love, marriage and one another."
2:53 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for 'Loveumentary' In Search of American Love Stories
Melissa and I'm names and whereabouts embarking they tell me journey across the -- -- he -- compelling answer is that America. The funny thing is we literally just met the other day for the first time so this could either go really good or really bad. I was raised by a big Mormon family in Utah and -- think that I should have been married a long time ago. And as he's in New York City -- single mom in a very liberal household and she thinks an extra week to -- -- even -- we come from really different backgrounds we have one big thing in common. People leaving the possibility. She left him for -- relationships. And we believe that there's a huge chunk of the story that is true about this is not being -- A lot of people focus on that the couples -- get divorced but no injuries in the stories of all the couples in the country who -- together and ultimately filling relationships -- -- families. Those industries -- we really -- -- town but it's not just about the fairy tale romances. Tells about the really hard stories. It's our analysts record over fifty interviews of the most in love -- we can find. Rich for gay straight villages -- religious and tell their stories as honestly as possible. But we also really aren't emerge storytelling in science and it's not just that the stories themselves -- the site -- -- love -- relationships. So be interviewing scientists researchers and authors -- steady and if you don't know -- So if you believe in true or keep experience true love or if you just know somebody who needs a little bit of renewed hope that you -- still exists. This is -- kick -- with some heart for you to back. We're really trying hard to show everybody exactly what goes in to a relationship that really really works and for the -- They're -- ways you can help us get this kick -- project off the ground the first is set back the actual project. Every dollar counts and for the -- -- a gas you'll get a copy of our print but at the end of this trip. An e-book version of it in an exclusive -- The last of their power to teach you learn more about -- The second thing you can do is share this kick starter and Jeff -- -- entry share with your friends your family your co workers. And if you have connections in the media we would love your help -- with them as well we'll take -- hope that we can get. And lastly this project is just as -- serious as it is ours so we hope that -- be in -- to consider that a love letter. And he will be featuring love letters from across the country -- -- -- has begun thereafter. And as the nominee a couple of friends to go anywhere you will get to as many of them as we -- or other it. Thank you so much for making it to the end of this video and for your support with our kick starter project we really hope that we can do justice to the story of love in America. And can follow along with us -- letting them Judy dot com will be pushing every four days he can follow us on the check every step of the way. We love you -- My hands -- -- I don't know it's my hands let him about whether.

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{"id":20458803,"title":"'Loveumentary' In Search of American Love Stories","duration":"2:53","description":"Kickstarter campaign hopes to \"reinvigorate the country's faith in love, marriage and one another.\"","url":"/GMA/video/loveumentary-search-american-love-stories-20458803","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}