Lunar Prospector? Billionaire Wants Claims Staked on the Moon

Robert Bigelow is calling on the FAA to establish property rights on the moon.
4:31 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Lunar Prospector? Billionaire Wants Claims Staked on the Moon
Say welcome to power players I'm Stephen Portnoy here in Washington with. Robert Bigelow a hotel magnate who is made it very affordable for people to stay in hotels here on land he wants to make it more affordable to travel Wednesday. In outer space. You have just announced. The next step in your partnership with NASA. We are the only company that is involved in creating the destination -- so we specialize in habitats. And our have a tests are expendable here when you say habitats that are expendable -- -- different from the International Space Station NASA had a program. To go to Mars and NASA created the idea. Having -- expendable. Structures very strong. That had these kind of and elements like the steel belts in your tire. And you would put people or anything that you wanted to inside those volumes we've made a lot of progress in creating this this vessel. And we will have to full scale vessels to launch. By the -- -- -- sixteen. You want to sit down with the FAA and -- office that regulates commercial space transportation and you want to. Get the ball rolling for property rights on the moon yes it -- -- foundation of confidence and security. If there are discoveries. Valuable assets. We think that's the FAA FA ST agency has the legal where it's -- to take this seriously. And consider what might be. Permissible or property rights standpoint what is Bigelow aerospace could -- -- going to be a -- in Harlem you know. There are businesses is. Providing. Affordable. Reliable habitats. Within their on the surface of the moon or -- somewhere in between -- -- -- lower orbit. But we have a base. -- -- be looking to host clients but we -- to be prepared that if we do have clients -- say look we won't do a lot more. We're intrusive in establishing. A much larger base we want to do mining operations first we need to prospect. We need to find out where resources are and if we have a concentrations of resource is over here on over here. We need to have a legal regime that protects the ownership of those resources. How many potential clients or or people who might interest in traveling to the moon -- there out there don't know I'm going to I think it's a function of how much are you have to pay. And what is your experience going to be like and -- who's it going to be -- sure you did you gonna come back alive. Can you provide that assurance. We're gonna -- I've heard you say that one of the largest impediments to. Successful commercial space travel is affected it's not affordable and it's not America. Human transportation to space for Americans on American vehicle doesn't exist right now. Should we be -- -- nervous when we look at China's ambition congressman. During -- because nobody here is really really caring are looking if you look legitimate missions as to what they're doing. And having the space station and then their ambition -- people on the moon. And then if you look at wolf what's the Hispanic the past character signature of China it is to have control. It is to dominate markets. It's not much of a leap to imagine that they would want to have ownership of the should be no exclusivity to the moon in terms of a single country. You know or single company what is your ultimate ambition I think -- is very doable it depends on. Whether it's a government program or commercial program as to how many decades it takes. I saw a wire story last week that suggested that there may be eight point eight billion. Similar sized planets earth do you believe there's life -- -- -- important. Of course I do. The peculiarity. Is. How long it takes. For such obvious things to be accepted. In -- public kind of context. I wish you the best of luck -- in your exploration so maybe we'll -- one day at least a little more. You know -- -- -- right. That's in the time we have for today. For ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm Stephen Portnoy follow me on Twitter at Steven Portnoy -- -- -- --

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{"id":20882478,"title":"Lunar Prospector? Billionaire Wants Claims Staked on the Moon","duration":"4:31","description":"Robert Bigelow is calling on the FAA to establish property rights on the moon.","url":"/GMA/video/lunar-prospector-billionaire-claims-staked-moon-20882478","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}