Macy's Continues to Give Back With Annual Believe Campaign

Kids do their part to make a big difference helping grant special Christmas wishes.
2:35 | 11/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Macy's Continues to Give Back With Annual Believe Campaign
check of weather with Jing jebegin jer. I hate it and loves it, five weeks until Christmas. Get the letters into Santa. And we are happy to be partnering with Macy's on the annual believe campaign. Helping grant wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. I got a chance to spend time with kids who are doing their part to make a difference. Dear Santa. Reporter: These second graders at New York's St. Chool are asking for the things -- Dear Santa, an iPad. Reporter: To the furry. A Guinea pig. I asked for a dog. A big dog. Reporter: To out of this world. To a microdrone with a camera. Reporter: That's right, he said drone, like one of these things. Whoa. Who would you spy on first? My neighbor. Reporter: Yeah. The latetters are more than funny, and helping to grant wishes to children with life-threatening conditions. From now to December 24th, Macy's will donate up to $1 million to make a wish for every letter dropped at a box at a Macy's store. And letters submit online will also count toward the donation. Dear Santa -- Reporter: For this second grader, the Macy's letter writing campaign has special meeting. Two years ago his younger sister, Sophia was diagnosed with lieu keep Lew chemoya. I wish she gets better. Now they are working with make a wish to fulfill her dream. I hear you have a wish of your own. Swim the dolphins at Hawaii. Reporter: You want to swim with lots of dolphins? Lots of dolphins. Reporter: For Christian and Luca and all of these second graders, the message this holiday season is clear. It's time to believe. You've got to believe. Oh, they are just the sweetness. I'm here with the letters. The "Gma" elves will deliver them to a Macy's near us. And Macy's also donating $1 for every stamped letter to Santa. You can do it online. And find out more, on Yahoo! To find out more.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Kids do their part to make a big difference helping grant special Christmas wishes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27079947","title":"Macy's Continues to Give Back With Annual Believe Campaign","url":"/GMA/video/macys-kicks-off-annual-campaign-27079947"}