Kids Say the Darndest Thing About Santa

Ginger Zee shares the details about department store's "Believe" campaign.
2:10 | 12/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kids Say the Darndest Thing About Santa
Now, josh -- you seem taller to me, josh? I'm a veritable mountain. That's because my good friend, sydney, helping me out from north carolina. Say hello to sydney, america. And now, to macy's and make-a-wish, teaming up for the believe campaign. Your child's christmas list can benefit a sick child in need. We, in fact, sent abc's ginger zee to find out what christmas really means to kids like sydney. Reporter: 'Tis the season for decking the halls. As the big day draws near, we had some pretty pressing questions that needed answering. Just who is santa? He has a white beard. A red suit. He's chubby. Reporter: And where does he live, exactly? In his house. Reporter: Kids across the country agree, there's one thing that's newly special about the holiday season? I get to spend time with my family. Reporter: Everyone knows this time of year is about giving back. And macy's has a pretty easy way to help. For every stamped letter to santa claus that's dropped in a believe box at macy's across the country, macy's will donate $1 to make-a-wish, up to $1 million. We're going to write a letter to santa. And some kid will get what they need. I want a bunny. Reporter: What do you leave santa? This year, I want to try to leave him a present. Reporter: Are you ready to do some writing for santa? Yes. ♪ Reporter: All the letters, right to the north pole, right? Thank you, guys. Bye-bye. Bye. All right. It is time, sydney. Let's find out just how many letthave been collected so far. The drumroll. Look at that. 542,450. Keep it up, america. For information on macy's believe campaign, you can go to

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{"id":17903807,"title":"Kids Say the Darndest Thing About Santa","duration":"2:10","description":"Ginger Zee shares the details about department store's \"Believe\" campaign.","url":"/GMA/video/macys-make-letters-santa-campaign-kids-darndest-thing-17903807","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}