The Madness of Last Minute Gift Shopping

Procrastinators are out in full force looking for those final holiday gifts.
2:59 | 12/21/14

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Transcript for The Madness of Last Minute Gift Shopping
Now to the wild weekend for last-minute Christmas shoppers just count them four days to go to buy those gift. Oh, better get that shopping dong. Procrastinators are out in full force causing mall madness. ABC's Gloria Riviera is in silver spring, Maryland. Good morning, Gloria. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. Ryan, this is the calm before the storm. But I can tell you I think a lot of people are breathing easier this morning after a successful day of gift buying yesterday. I saw men staggering out of stores bleary-eyed loaded to the gills. Women checking off lists, more than one person shopping for themselves with deals this good it was a gift for your pocketbook. They are the kind of lines that get procrastinators' blood pumping, super Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas and all about the sales, sales, sales. This sweater was $5. I got the iPhone 6. True confession, I still have shopping to do. I still need to buy a gift for my husband. Sort of critical. So I'm going inside to see what I can find. Rock bottom prices by retailers hoping to net more than $10 billion. Beating out sales from black Friday and even cyber Monday. They have like 60% off the entire purchase. Best Buy is splashing the cost of the iPad air by $100 and offering free shipping. Stores like toys R us will be open starting Monday around the clock until 9:00 P.M. Christmas eve. Co Kohl's already going 24/7. If you are truly among the ultimate procrastinators here's a quick guide to make sure your late buy arrives on time. U.s. Mail, you have to go with priority shipping express, shop on Amazon and have until Monday for two-day shipping which is free to prime members. Aisles just filled with Dees and guess what -- success. I can't tell you what it is because my husband might be watching but he's getting something under the tree and I got to save a few bucks. Well, just a little bit of a device if you're one of those glad yachter bargain hunters, experts say there are a lot of apps out there to compare prices online versus in the store. Also experts say let go of that idea you're going to find the perfect gift. It just might not happen and finally, gift cards are not a copout. After all retailers already have their eye on that post-holiday bump when everyone comes in to cash in. Ryan. Great news. Gift cards are not a copout. You're saved. Just don't get your wife a gift card. Gloria, real briefly, Ryan wants to know if you bought him socks for him. He asked yesterday. The socks are coming, Ryan. I wasn't sure what size so you'll get about a dozen. I'll take it. That's good because I'm on my last pair. Anklets. Thanks for braving it again on this -- what are we cowing it, sorry Sunday, sorry we waited this long. I like it. I know rob Marciano has done

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Procrastinators are out in full force looking for those final holiday gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27746072","title":"The Madness of Last Minute Gift Shopping","url":"/GMA/video/madness-minute-gift-shopping-27746072"}