Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis and Emma Stone react to Oscar wins

The stars open up to "GMA" about winning their first Oscars and the best picture envelope mishap that involved "Moonlight" and "La La Land."
3:58 | 02/27/17

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Transcript for Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis and Emma Stone react to Oscar wins
but there were some really great speeches. You know, there were some great moments and great speeches but behind the scenes there were a lot of great moments too and we'll go back to Amy who got to go one-on-one with the night's biggest winners after her Oscar dreams came true. That's true and, guys, once we move past discussing the best picture disaster and did take a while for all of the winners to process we were able to move on to those other subjects from moving acceptance speeches to how they plan to celebrate. People ask me all the time, what kind of stories do you want to tell, Viola? Your acceptance speech was one of the most remarkable speeches I've ever heard. I always feel like I have a lot to say. At 51 years old I've had a lifetime of experience, man, I've been doing there for over 30 years professionally. You always have something to say and never at a loss for words. You have just broken all of these boundaries. The first black actor to win any Oscar and Tony, first black woman to receive three academy award nominations. Tell me how that feels. It feels good. I mean, it feels like my hard work has paid off but at the same time, I still have the impostor syndrome. I still feel like I'm going to wake up and everybody is going to see me for the hack I am. I still feel like when I walk on the set I'm starting from scratch until I do realize I know what I'm doing. I'm human. I know I'm not the best but I'm proud of myself. This is the first year I've allowed myself just a little bit to see that to realize that self deprecation is not the answer to humility. That sometimes you can say, I deserve it, that I'm proud of myself and move on. Congratulations. Thank you. On the supporting actor role and I have to say this is a remarkable week for you. Yes. The birth of your daughter. Yes, yes. And now your Oscar. Yeah. I don't think this could compare to most. I think this is like when I look at my life I will probably -- I imagine I will look at this week as one of the more extraordinary moments in my life for sure. Okay, so what are you doing to celebrate now? I mean everyone is a little shell-shocked. I'll go to a couple of Pears and hang with my folk, the "Moonlight" folks but want to get home and be with my wife and my daughter so I'm not going to be out too long and she's going to keep me up anyway tonight because she's like 4 days old and she's got a lot to say and talk about and tell me. I realize that a moment like this is a huge confluence of luck and opportunity. Let's talk about this and the road to this. Yeah. Surreal happening on so many levels. It's going to take a long time to unpack all of this mentally. I have to tell you your acceptance speech was so beautiful. Did you practice it? I mean, I thought a little about people that I'd like to say thank you to because I've watched the oscars for a long time and seen those thing where you forget people that are incredibly important to you. And your brother turned out to be a good luck charm. He's the greatest person I know. I love him probably more than any person on the planet so -- What are you doing to celebrate. I'm going to go drink some champagne and dance with my friends and I am very excited to do that. Are you going to celebrate. Wolfgang puck macaroni cheese and ribs and maybe a vodka and club soda and lemon, mama, I'm sorry. I got to do it. Viola Davis eating Mac and cheese, drinking champagne and, guys, she kicked off her high heels but you're going to have to take a look and see what she had underneath her dress. Instead of those heels. See those, like moon shoes. You know, because us ladies have a certain hemline so she had to have the same height. Just wanted to be comfortable so she had that all planned out. Smart lady. Color coordinated. She was ready to go there, Amy. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"The stars open up to \"GMA\" about winning their first Oscars and the best picture envelope mishap that involved \"Moonlight\" and \"La La Land.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45773564","title":"Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis and Emma Stone react to Oscar wins","url":"/GMA/video/mahershala-ali-viola-davis-emma-stone-react-oscar-45773564"}