Teen Skier Found Alive After 2 Nights in Bitter Cold

High school senior survived two freezing nights alone by building snow shelter.
2:17 | 03/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Skier Found Alive After 2 Nights in Bitter Cold
Well now to the dramatic rescue of that 17-year-old skier who survived two freezing nights alone on a mountain in maine. The high school senior building a snow cave to shelter him from blistering winds and he says he learned the survival skills by watching reality tv. John muller is here with more on that. Good morning. Good morning, amy. Really is an incredible story. Reality tips saved this young man's life. This morning nicholas joy is expected to be released from the hospital. We're now hearing how he survived those freezing cold temperatures and also from the man who found him. Nicholas joy's family understandably filled with joy this morning. Just said I'm so glad to see you. He said the same thing. So glad to see you. Reporter: Seen here eating a granola bar moments after being rescued suffered a two-day ordeal stranded in the bone-chilling cold on sugarloaf mountain. I was praying he could pull himself down someplace, somebody get him. Oh, thank god he's alive. Reporter: It all started when he got separated from his father while skiing sunday afternoon. Blinded by blowing snow and strong winds, joy says he kicked into survival mode building this cave in the snow and blanketing himself with twigs and leaves. During the day he drank water from nearby streams and followed the faint remnants of snowshoe tracks to the road where he was eventually found by this man. I can't believe I actually found him. Reporter: Firefighter joe paul hopped on his snowmobile after hearing about the nearly 100 searchers looking for joy. I thought like most everybody he probably got hurt, you know, and broke a leg or something like that he was cold. But for being in the woods for two days he was in great shape. Reporter: If this whole say joe sounded like "man victoria's secret wild" in a way it was. Dig a snow hole. Reporter: It turns out joy is a big fan of the reality show and reportedly channeled his inner bear grills to survive his ordeal. Oh, my god, happy ending, yep. Doing really good. All right. The first thing joy asked for when he was safe and sound, a cheeseburger. His mom was more than happy to comply. Definitely what you might call a happy meal for a of different -- he deserved one. A great story. You really said that. That's good advice.

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{"id":18665257,"title":"Teen Skier Found Alive After 2 Nights in Bitter Cold","duration":"2:17","description":"High school senior survived two freezing nights alone by building snow shelter.","url":"/GMA/video/maine-skier-nicholas-joy-17-found-alive-teen-18665257","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}