How to make your own eclipse viewing device

If your glasses didn't arrive on time or outlets near you are sold out, you can still see the eclipse with this DIY pinhole camera, using common household items.
3:28 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for How to make your own eclipse viewing device
We know how ahead. For taxing our eyes during this alert that so if you don't have special glasses. Not to where we're gonna show you a simple and really safe way to see it using items that you are he had in your home Sergi Miller space dot com I'm Camilla personally. Are here to help me do it I'm we're talking about literally making a pinhole camera get out of a cereal box. That works very similar to save it you can't get the glasses this report it you can't get the classes this is going to let you look at eight projection on the sign down in the bottom. Totally favorite. Super easy to me. All right let's say take us sir I would get we get a cereal box doesn't have to be this one and the first thing we do to cut out. What we're gonna treats cereal box they have traced the bottom of it on the keys and he turns. You did right. So there are the actual bottom up Adam maybe yours back Alexander ran out the cash and now what you wanna do if you want to put that down at the bottom of pop. And I can either keep thinking there. Or even this late date it's flat and should be pretty figured out there and nothing comes face biggest dream yet Natalie it'd be like your projector screen like we're watching a movie. About it in my heart rates eventually letting your favorite and it's even the top. Of the botnet it will have you have to opening up for the popular hot though it out of the cereal box that's a great hearing here. Seven rusty pinellas. As the two walls not just one certain to you won't mean they're gonna take your calls indicating that you were that you look remedy other remaining turning into the people reject your pet cat again. Snow tape ready to go had already begun looking at what else. Now I it'd take your tin foil. I'm here to cover up wanted to hold it doesn't matter which one and keep that down main thing here really got it is only important do you need that block. Out all of the others like the the whole new light from the little hole that we need. Going to get and the cracked so it's really great yeah you're taking a casts out literally here at home now cutting back best. And you don't have classes this really is a great thing to do you guys because it will protect your eyes of the young season this morning. You can injure I guess it's okay so once I discovered one sided coverage they now what you're gonna need his need start and sleep. Can't average fan is that one whole one I'll just one tiny little help at all intern that's the only I dropped my. All right so one home on Somalia Nathan profane and they're either accept the bad fit so what we're gonna do it gives you wouldn't take it outside and you're actually gonna stand with your back. Keeping them signed with the little countering sue and but he wasn't trying to lying that little hole up with the sun behind. Q and then you're gonna look in the box you're gonna look into this a little audio being added spend as little tiny pinhole is what is going to achieve. Yet the ability to see this all out NASA's scientific company that little pin wheel you're gonna feed on that might keep them he really put down in the bottom of your screen that's how you're doing today. I haven't heard last second minute town yeah. UCL yeah. All right Walt because of your not so in in the meantime do you think this is a really great idea you actually love space right. What do you do it no serial America. Need perfect bliss and I know it is exciting real business is up future scientists everybody excited about its ups. Can be very special moment never be forgotten necessarily thank you this is a really symbols they might get you guys. Related tell you can get step by step instructions on how to make ironic clips of viewing device on our web site. Good Morning America dot com.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"If your glasses didn't arrive on time or outlets near you are sold out, you can still see the eclipse with this DIY pinhole camera, using common household items. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49328341","title":"How to make your own eclipse viewing device","url":"/GMA/video/make-diy-eclipse-viewing-device-49328341"}