How to make sure your presents arrive on time

For last-minute online holiday shopping, Dec. 19 is the major deadline for most retailers to deliver gifts in time for Christmas.
3:00 | 12/17/17

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Transcript for How to make sure your presents arrive on time
Test Text1 plain ??? run run Rudolph Santa's gotta make it to town ??? You've shopped till you dropped, maybe. It won't matter if your gift doesn't arrive on time. He dropped the Mike. The gift was that good. Stephanie Ramos has more. Hi, there, Stephanie. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Dan and Paula. Not much activity at this U.P.S. Facility. It's Sunday. We don't get mail on Sundays. Because Christmas false on a Monday, that is one less day retailers have to get your packages out for Christmas. If you have gifts at home, I don't want to stress you out. You're running out of time if you want those gifts delivered before December 25th. With only eight days left until Christmas day, picking out that perfect present can be a little stressful. I'm always a last-minute shopper. Reporter: Making sure it arrives turpd tree in time is the real battle. A record 2 billion packages are expected to be delivered this season. And with Christmas falling on a Monday this year, the pressure is on for online retailers to get your packages by Saturday the 23rd. You have a smaller window to get your presents there on time. If you are using standard shipping. Reporter: And the extra online orders making it harder to keep up with delivery demands. Customers everyone going on social media to vent their frustrations. One woman writing, Walmart, you just ruined Christmas. I order played house for my daughter. It won't arrive till December 26th. Another person writing, target, there's a reason people love am don. They are the best at shipping. Companies pushing dead loins for standard delivery. Online leader Amazon may have found the secret to shipping success. A seven days a week delivery service. The major deadline you need to know, December 19th the. The most popular cutoff date for retailers in order for them to get your packages to you on time. And we reached out to Walmart and target. We haven't heard back from them on the shipping deal. U.P.S. Expects to mail out 750 million packages worldwide up until new year's eve. I have a bunch of gifts ready to mail to family. I plan on doing it all tomorrow. Before the 19th. That's the big day, right? Tuesday? Exactly. Exactly. Or you can send everyone cards. You don't have to worry about shipping anything. There you go. That's how I would do it the. Repurpose an ecard. We didn't say regifting. We said an card. Coming up on "Good morning

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{"id":51843187,"title":"How to make sure your presents arrive on time","duration":"3:00","description":"For last-minute online holiday shopping, Dec. 19 is the major deadline for most retailers to deliver gifts in time for Christmas.","url":"/GMA/video/make-presents-arrive-time-51843187","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}