Teens Pledge to Lose Makeup for a Day

Plano, Texas, classmates explain their goal behind decision to go to school bare-faced.
3:01 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Teens Pledge to Lose Makeup for a Day
It's a good -- These high school students say they're sick and tired of all the printing and hampering chapstick lash mascara -- -- so this morning they're fighting back against -- culture they say it's too focused on the looks. Launching what they call operation beautiful. -- -- Their goal until May of Greek girl -- out to pull out. But today they say they're facing their fears by taking -- cue from some of Hollywood's hottest doll bearing their bare faces to them. Rihanna kid and Miley -- -- inside that trusted tube of lipstick for the more natural. -- really make. Can relate at all to their fans they get to Steve and is without on the glamour or that they usually see -- -- if I'm red -- this. Brave -- even made headlines when she cast -- concealer. And dropped her morning makeup routine for a full years. What a -- due to take showers rusty upon parents can question -- -- put our little gel and head out the door. At the weekend you're not wearing make up and friends stopped by unexpectedly are human like -- for your running upstairs -- putting on some things -- -- your home. Actually -- we can. Know what out. It is backing these people there and you and I went in and I called and I ran back out that you -- Our -- -- These girls realize showing up fresh face at school today will feel at first like a big deal. How easy they -- they really how are you concerned at all with what the boys may say or I think this is completely weird -- -- Never seen girls about makeup especially local school. -- -- wildly may be years. They say it's worth it. Make a point by not getting made up. We don't want girls to think that make its evil you know some are saying like. Just this Monday night prior -- energy is like -- -- her behalf happened that I have. All right guys. Meet in the call are right -- she even wearing make up since the seventh grade OK and -- a million years if she ever think that she would show up to school today. With out her makeup on but here you see her you know guys -- issued -- brave well. I'm yeah. And -- -- -- look at her she's Baring it all out tell -- what the energy here is amazing these girls are hoping to inspire. A lot of other girls today -- sure they will Abbie thanks so much for bringing us that they did all of the very.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Plano, Texas, classmates explain their goal behind decision to go to school bare-faced.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18683356","title":"Teens Pledge to Lose Makeup for a Day","url":"/GMA/video/makeup-day-teens-plano-texas-high-school-18683356"}