The 'No-Makeup' Makeup Trend

It's the popular new trend -- using makeup to make it look as though you're barely wearing any! Allure magazine's Michelle Lee breaks it down.
4:29 | 09/01/16

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Transcript for The 'No-Makeup' Makeup Trend
this rainy Thursday. The new makeup trend where less is more. Correct. The no makeup look is having a moment from Hollywood's hottest to stay-at-home moms, everyone is towning down the glams. Making your natural features shine. ? Maybe we could care a little more ? It was the mvt VMA performance everyone was talking about and not just because of Alicia keys' powerful words but because of her bold decision to go makeup-free. Thank you. She's not the only one in the glitterati ditching dramatic makeup downsizes to a more natural look. Kim Kardashian who often rocks smoky eyelids and bold lips dialing it back and looking stunning with a more down to Earth approach. Amman do Seefried, Jessica alba, Kerry Washington, all hitting up the red carpet Sans the red lipstick. From the red carpet to the runway freshes are fresh. Joining me "Allure" magazine editor in chief Michelle lee. Why is it such a trend? To be honest with you we're all in the crazy time of the year where we're all returning around trying to get our kids ready for back to school so when we're doing that the time for primping tends to go way downhill so it's nice to find a retine incredibly fast but if you're like me and really terrified of going fully bare faced we'll learn how to do the no makeup makeup look. Give us tips. Yes, of course, key thing is starting with a good foundation so you have to have a nicely well hydrated face. You mean moisturizer. Moisturizer so start with a couple drops of face oil and put that under a moisturizer, extra brownie points if it has sunscreen and -- Skin care first. Skin care first absolutely because the whole key in this look you want it to have your fresh skin glowing through so a lot of people think let me go to foundation next, I say go to a trialer. What a good primer will do -- I always wondered when you use your primer in primer at this point so what it's going to do, help absorb some of that extra oil and helps to blur out those large pores, so when you do put foundation on you put on less. Okay, but then the foundation. Well, not quite yet. Okay. So what I like to do for this, actually use blush under foundation so what this does, is actually will give you a nice natural flush that looks like you got off a treadmill as opposed to -- Getting on the treadmill and doing that? So after do you that then put on your foundation. Blush first. We're not going to put foundation on all over the face because we want to go for a natural look so use our foundation as a concealer as you can see with our model here. Under the eye. Under the eyes, normally around the nostrils, anywhere you have a little redness and the key here is that foundation tends to be a little more shearer than concealer so you really won't look like you have a full face of makeup on. It isn't that much work. It's not that much work. Really, really fast. What about that sponge? I heard this is like a magic trick. This is a genius trick. If you want a little more coverage in certain places take a damp makeup sponge, it has to be damp and dab it on the certain places where you want more coverage. So the key with the makeup sponge it's going to help with the pigments and take off excess makeup too and have that fresh look. You can use any sponge. The important part it's damp. It should be damp. We're big fans of this beauty blender. I've seen that. Alexand Alexandra has the last look. Go for a couple sweeps of lightweight mascara that will open up your eyes, with the lip, enhance that natural lip color so we went with a pink other-nude to pinkish-brown mixed with lip balm and final touch doing your brows so we took a really nice tinted brow gel and just kind of sweep that along the brows especially concentrating the color on the arch area where they tend to go dark. You look beautiful. I love this is back to what she had. Just enhanced it. She looks great and she's ready to go. That wasn't too. Work. I like it. And the September issue of "Allure" is on newsstands now and back out to ginger.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"It's the popular new trend -- using makeup to make it look as though you're barely wearing any! Allure magazine's Michelle Lee breaks it down. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41788635","title":"The 'No-Makeup' Makeup Trend","url":"/GMA/video/makeup-makeup-trend-41788635"}