Making the Cut at NY Fashion Week

For new designers, a 7-minute show means everything.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Transcript for Making the Cut at NY Fashion Week
It's one of the biggest fashion events of the year designers live -- die by the tens of New York Fashion Week. Celebrities -- bloggers taste makers. The -- gather here to decide who moves on. And who's left behind. All the models that people there -- time and for the few lucky enough to get a spot under the tent they have been even -- -- to solidified their work. Fortify their presence and clean their positions among the nationally -- It's not for the faint of heart and for Johnny code of skin graft a small company based in LA. This is it the chance of a lifetime the first -- always butterflies. How long have you spent getting ready for this. Well I guess -- getting ready for seven years because this is every -- young American designers dream is -- -- In the times. Student dress designs are edgy and provocative and have already generated the kind of -- -- young designer can only dream up worn by the likes of Leon. And Britney. Even Justin Bieber brought this didn't -- bomber while turning himself into Tijuana police last night. But nothing can compare to the buzz Specter of showing at Fashion Week we're here as Johnny for fears for his biggest photo -- yet. OK can you one more time at the end of your -- hold it. Here's just seven days to go when Johnny is agonizing over every look at -- take it out relax. He's over 400 models in a span of just four hours. Right. Like this is -- -- one of them here's here's that the books called the spirit of the grameen. Models are incredibly important he's not almost too beautiful too beautiful law. -- there is such a thing there is I mean for us there is you know it's like I wanted kind of things -- little alien kids just like. They're proportions are just a little different than what you'd expect -- like classic beauty and that's what we look for because I just think it's going to say anything to represents -- brand to better you know. But it's down to the wire village of around that need to have a better system image that's in the skin graft team is about to make the final cut and -- here. Only twenty models and star in the show we have to fight for them we're a small brand we have a limited budget -- and everybody once again. I get every. -- not a show at Fashion Week can cost upwards of 200000. Dollars. And while -- the opportunity of a lifetime for smaller design houses like -- graft. Can be huge financial risk what's the base her -- so far have a fear going. I think it out last night over Connecticut working because he's spent all the money on the show we're putting all of our experts basket if we're -- see a return on this. -- -- He's in the red because to compete on the big stage it got to hire a big -- -- and even of beauty director tonight news program. Funny looks are probably surrounding us right now. I think almost easy because he's actually need and -- down. -- -- Stylist -- or luck this year whittled down -- rack of eighty outfits to just 36. Most I catch you know. So that's so have a little anxiety about that but also excitement what is the story here. When you say are creating the story. Well I mean the brand has kind of an aesthetic it's dark it's it's it's three it's that the -- -- other letter obviously yeah. In an -- for the services so that this story -- -- -- I wanted to see how Johnny would style -- Palestinians -- I'm scared wearing your clothes before -- on the -- like I don't imagine them. -- -- -- -- -- I think rod says basically have to get a new life but that -- -- -- -- its Q earnings til showtime. Johnny is laser focused on making sure every outfit is perfectly assessor arrived in mold it to the model. Without wondering when that. Everything must be individually -- it -- she apocalypse. I've been loving the look that way of -- Still looks are locked but now he's all about who's to clear their -- Given got to -- Kevin's not here so we need to get him in this room that you hope isn't out. It's we want the bugs who want to -- and -- GQ is coming at super exciting to me -- also want the bloggers I want that the young trend setters to be there to. Hopefully be -- part of what we're doing -- You Kelly Cottrell and handles publicity for skin graft and different kind of Lincoln financial community. I know I was married and -- in -- big -- room. -- -- best known as the -- is nails judge on America's Next Top Model Kelly's job is to ensure Johnnie makes a big splash. Then there's about twelve to fifty people who really make a difference. So my focus is almost up to fifty people I don't get a and a the other kids who come in black lagoon -- on the acute sit down that's great. -- have a little bit of butterflies. We want to pass defense you know -- rather people not really get and then two. To have -- -- It's game day we meet Johnny backstage before the show when Lincoln Center. Let him running on military -- and then you. Like. A small army of -- meticulously. Attending the model here they're make up -- and wardrobe we all the model. It's a controlled chaos OK describe what you're not in -- his you've scenes that. Okay all day as a -- -- could talk to anyone I was overwhelmed a better place makes them. Things that I -- experience. I was realizing the importance of tonight for the first time. This alone with you back here somewhere went back. At 7 PM the crowd begins to fill the tanks. And the back Eric -- -- Yeah. And years of work months of planning well leading up to this -- moment it's finally arrive. Let's find out. You guys that came anything anything anything to -- -- but it's. Moon it's -- time. And in the -- of the night. It's over. -- -- -- -- -- In the audience certainly had some VIPs. But now awaiting -- -- that seven minutes of stardom under the Big Ten. Will pay off and give Johnny his big break when you. Say I've made it never I'll never feel like we made it I feel like if you say that he stopped turning -- I think that will never make it. We well. Who gave us. For Nightline I'm Rebecca Jarvis.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"For new designers, a 7-minute show means everything.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22515137","title":"Making the Cut at NY Fashion Week","url":"/GMA/video/making-cut-ny-fashion-week-22515137"}