Malaysian Plane: Leads Turn No Results

Chinese satellite images and new theory is knocked down by authorities.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Malaysian Plane: Leads Turn No Results
Malaysian flight mystery continues to deepen. These images in mind right here. That's a sat tight photo from China said to be debris from the flight. The Malaysian officials say there is nothing there at all. Now, a new theory emerging overnight about where the plane could be. Possibility that it could have flown for hours, several hours. Officials now knocking that down too. Every lead that comes up seems to evaporate. So many theories and now you U.S. Investigators are on the scene focusing on those missing nine minutes after the transponder was turned off, but the plane kept on flying. So let's get right to it. Officials wrapped up the latest press conference and ABC's bob woodruff is on the scene in Kuala Lumpur. Bob, good morning. Reporter: Good morning. There have been so many theories about this story. Today a very interesting one came out, a report maybe there was data shared indicating that the engines were still operating for four hours more than when it disappeared. In fact, it may even flew 2,000 miles away but that story today, the Malaysian officials absolutely deny it. This morning Malaysian officials knocked down reports that Malaysia air flight 370 could have flown for more than four hours after it vanished from the radar insisting the last it heard was a transmission at 1:07 right before it disappeared. Those reports are inaccurate. Reporter: Not only that but the one seeming glimmer of hope dashed overnight. These three Chinese satellite images, which appear to show large pieces of floating debris, just 140 miles east from where the plane disappeared, and about 240 miles from where an oil rig worker said he saw a plane on fire in the sky, no debris was found in either place. We deployed our assets but found nothing. We have contacted the Chinese embassy who notified us this afternoon that images were released by mistake and did not show any debris from flight 370. Reporter: Their focus, the south China sea. No word if they'll expand it which covers an area of 27,000 nautical square miles, the size of Indiana and spanning a distance greater that Chicago to Atlanta. All of this highlighting how difficult this search is. For ABC news, Gloria Riviera joined a search party desperate for any clue. We went right. I thought the wind would touch the ocean surface because the captain wanted to check out something they saw. It was that big. Turned out to be a fisherman's box. Reporter: Those search and rescue teams are saying not only are they just looking for debris, they also have this great hope that maybe hopefully they'll be able to find some of those people still alive.

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{"id":22893434,"title":"Malaysian Plane: Leads Turn No Results","duration":"3:00","description":"Chinese satellite images and new theory is knocked down by authorities.","url":"/GMA/video/malaysian-plane-leads-turn-results-22893434","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}