Male Plus-Size Model Speaks Out

Zach Miko is Target's first and only plus-size male model.
3:04 | 10/27/15

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Transcript for Male Plus-Size Model Speaks Out
Plus size models have made stunning breaks in changing the face of fashion for women and now one arc and model says he out to do the same for men. Meet target's first and only plus size male model, Zach Miko. Thanks for being with us, Zach. I was just saying, you hear about plus size female models but never a male model. You are an actor but your wife helped you change some perceptions of yourself and it led to this campaign. Tell me about it. Yeah, well, my wife, laura for one is the most amazing woman in the world. She always from the very beginning found me attractive which if you grow up my size, it's not something you think very often. You know, you grow up -- I grew up with a lot of body image shall Ares, I was always the big kid, picked on a lot but it made me who I was essentially and I was always being funny because of it. My wife actually told me after dating for a little while that she made me a bet for $500 I would be 0en the "People" magazine top 100 sexiest men, we laughed Awesome. And look at you now. Then a couple weeks ago I got a call from "People" magazine to do an interview. We started laughing. I thought maybe it's not the farthest thing from the world. You're 6'6". 275. Xxl. Yep. And what did agents say to you? You were trying to get roles as an actor. I was too big for every role I ever went out for. One time in particular I landed a lead in a miniseries and I thought it was my big break. I went down, flown to the hills of West Virginia to film. We did three days of hair makeup tests and then we had a producer's last look and the executive producer walks in the room and first thing he says, there's like ten of us this there. First thing he says, he looks at me and says, why is this guy so big? It looks weird and I was on a plane the next day home. Wow. A very different experience, though, with target. Tell me what happened. My -- it was luck. It was wonderful. Basically my acting manager had a friend who was working as a stylist, hair and makeup stylist and target was looking for someone who was big and tall and so my manager rings her up and -- I know just the guy. I got one. And after your second day modeling all those lifelong and body issues and self-esteem issues went away. Tell me what happened on that second day. It was the first time after coming back everything fit right, everything -- I sit down with my wife and I was like, I've never felt good about the way I looked before. And not okay about the way I looked. I felt good. I felt great about the way I looked and after talking to my wife and others, I was like, I like being the big guy. I'm happy to be the big guy. I've been trying to change for years because that's what the industry is telling me to do and I don't want to do that. Now you're setting new forms for so many out there so, Zach, congratulations on being a role model and rooting for you on the "People" magazine thing. Hopefully that ends up happening. Okay, thank you so much. Coming up next, we have

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{"id":34759722,"title":"Male Plus-Size Model Speaks Out","duration":"3:04","description":"Zach Miko is Target's first and only plus-size male model.","url":"/GMA/video/male-size-model-speaks-34759722","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}