Malibu High Teachers Getting Mysteriously Ill

Teachers fear something in the buildings gave some migraines, rashes and thyroid cancer.
1:48 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for Malibu High Teachers Getting Mysteriously Ill
Now, to a health scare in california. Teachers at malibu high school blaming an outbreak of cancers and other illnesses among the faculty on toxins. Allegedly unleashed during recent construction. Parents are afraid for their children's health. And nick watt has the details. Reporter: Here at malibu high school, perched on the picturest bluffs above the pacific, teachers say they're getting sick. Three say they were diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the last six months. I think it's horrifying. Reporter: In a letter to the school district signed by 20 teachers, they claim 7 are suffering migraines. One has suffered skin rashes, which subsided during the summer break. Another has to use an asthma inhaler but only during the school year. Another reports unexplained hair loss. The teachers fear it's something in the buildings. Honestly, fear. You know, I'm afraid. My children spend all day here. I want answer. Reporter: District officials say not one student has complained of sickness. But just to be safe, environmental testers just scoured the school, searching for mold and other pollutants. The results are expected any day now. There's nothing to hide. And parents will know as soon as we have information to share. Reporter: The teachers' complaints began back in 2010, WHEN THIS WAS DUG UP AND PCBs, Lead and pesticides were found and removed. When you hear about a cancer cluster, you should be concerned. It's hard to know whether it's real, related to the environment or just a coincidence. Reporter: Malibu high school remains open. Administrators say they are confident this spate of sickness really is just a coincidence. For "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":20503183,"title":"Malibu High Teachers Getting Mysteriously Ill","duration":"1:48","description":"Teachers fear something in the buildings gave some migraines, rashes and thyroid cancer.","url":"/GMA/video/malibu-high-teachers-mysteriously-ill-20503183","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}