Man Accused of Killing Wife May Be Allowed Back in Mansion

Randy Maidens is one step closer to living in the mansion where his wife was shot and killed.
4:02 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Man Accused of Killing Wife May Be Allowed Back in Mansion
controversy brewing in tennessee. The accused killer now fighting to move back into the family mansion where he allegedly shot and killed his wife earlier this year. Abc's gio benitez is here with the details. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. Randy maiden seemed to have it all. A successful wife, a child, a mansion. One day, police say he became his wife's killer. Now, new controversy in the town. Will he move back into the crime scene in this morning, randy is on closer to living in the same mansion where authorities say he murdered his wife. The 42-year-old is accused of shooting and killing his wife, rachel, at that tennessee home. A judge saying monday, he could go back to living there. Randy was unemployed. 34-year-old rachel was an orthodontist, the breadwinner. That's why this week, her mom faced her allege killer in court. Filing suit to stop him from using any money in the couple's joint account. She says she wants to save the cash for the maiden's 2-year-old daughter, natalie. I want natalie to have a chance. You know, for him to be held accountable and responsible for his actions. Reporter: Police say the child was home during the murder. I'm really worried about her emotionally. She has a lot of questions. Reporter: Rachel maidens was gunned down in late april. When police arrived they only found her body wrapped in a blanket with gunshot wounds. A note reportedly found expressing regret for what happened. The unhurt child was found alone. Police launched a massive manhunt for randy maidens, who hours later, turned himself in. Now, he's fighting two, separate cases. His mother-in-law's wrongful death suit and the criminal murder charge. Abc news has learned prosecutors will try to keep maidens from living at that mansion. There is an outstanding order that is still in effect in the criminal case that prevents mr. Maidens from returning to that home, unless the brent wood police department are notified 24 hours in advance. And unless he is accompanied by his attorney. Reporter: Overnight, rachel maidens' family told abc news, there are just no words that can adequately express the grief we field. Losing rachel is still too And maidens has pleaded not guilty. He's out on bond. Police don't have a motive. Following his arrest, investigators found $87,000 in cash in his trunk. Police believe he would have used that money to get away. Elizabeth? Thanks so much. And joining us now, abc news chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. There's a lot of evidence for premeditation. Not just the money. You almost have what are confession notes from him. What may have been suicide notes left in the house. The authorities believe he was going to cover up the scene. Her body was found in a blanket. Then, he decided maybe to commit suicide. That didn't happen. She was shot ten times. Mostly in the back. Possibly with two, separate weapons. The authorities have a lot of evidence here. Why did the judge reduce bond? That was reduced to $750,000. That's when he was released. That's when the controversy started whether he was going to live in the house, et cetera. You're entitled to bail or bond, generally. Murder tends to be a little different. But I'm not really clear as to why that bond was reduced to the point where he's now out. Did the judge give a rationale for that? It is an unusual ruling. It is. We'll have to see exactly what happens now, with regard to whether he's allowed to go back and live in that house. He is presumed to be innocent. And bail and bond is not intended to punish someone. It's intended to make sure they show up. Murder tends to be different. Even as an innocent man, can he live at the crime scene? The court is saying he can. All right. Stay tuned. Turning now to amanda bynes.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Randy Maidens is one step closer to living in the mansion where his wife was shot and killed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19757108","title":"Man Accused of Killing Wife May Be Allowed Back in Mansion","url":"/GMA/video/man-accused-killing-wife-allowed-back-mansion-19757108"}