Man Allegedly Swaps Addresses to Avoid Home Demolition

Police in Pontiac, Mich., say a homeowner's plan caused crews to take down the wrong house.
1:42 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for Man Allegedly Swaps Addresses to Avoid Home Demolition
This is what's left of the house at 404 Edison street in Pontiac after a demolition crew tore down yesterday. The only problem is the house there was supposed to demolish was next store they returned late yesterday to actually -- -- the -- one so how could this happen. While the man who on the house that was slated for demolition. Is accused of changing the address numbers in hopes of saving -- -- owns. Mike the man who owns the house that was not supposed to be torn down told me he was planning on renting it out on October 1. He's wondering at the city of Pontiac. -- -- a new house. When I heard that they tore down the house on accident. I wanted to go down -- give them guys the talkback of the year. -- -- and happy I was that happy there is broken windows doors splatters live and then there is if anybody was gonna rent that out -- had to be a bracket. Because it was nobody else can -- that out. Polluting closer to the health that was mistakenly torn down are saying good riddance calling it more of an eyesore -- the one that was actually. Slated for demolition. The guy kept it mode. There was -- -- he had just put a -- find it inside was bad but. It was definitely better in the -- that saying that you know his house with that -- around wrong. Detectives with the Oakland county sheriff's department are now investigating the alleged swapping of -- numbers that led to the wrong house being torn down. But neighbors are not met -- dollar and say the property owner has no business expecting a dime from anyone. It was worth nothing. I would -- gave him a twelve -- empties. All. I'm happy I've never even seen anybody over there but the bombs. In -- Kimberly Creag seven action news.

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{"id":20211493,"title":"Man Allegedly Swaps Addresses to Avoid Home Demolition","duration":"1:42","description":"Police in Pontiac, Mich., say a homeowner's plan caused crews to take down the wrong house.","url":"/GMA/video/man-allegedly-swaps-addresses-avoid-home-demolition-20211493","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}