Man Claims to Be the Creator of the Selfie

Lester Wisbrod says he took the first selfie way back in 1981.
2:28 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Man Claims to Be the Creator of the Selfie
? freeze frame ? Coming up on 7:43. Some of the selfies you sent us using the #wakeupselfie. Who knew that it all began back in 1981. We're about to meet the man who says he started it back then. He says it began with a single impromptu snapshot. ABC's nick watt has the story. Reporter: Every single day we snap millions of selfies. Over 93 million on android phones alone every single day. And now this guy claims he invented the selfie. I called them back then silly shots but I must say. Reporter: That didn't really catch on. No. Reporter: Someone else called them selfie and that's what's in the dictionary. I did contribute something to the photographic art form. Reporter: Lester wisbrod was a cameraman in L.A. And claimed this was the first one with art Buchwald out of focus. It took time to hone his craft. Is that the bottom half of Kenny Rogers' face? Yes, it is. Reporter: He snapped everyone from Morgan Freeman to Fabio. What did you do with these all these years? It's in a pile. Reporter: Now he's gone public and some are questioning his selfie invention claim. One credits Susan sarandon and geena Davis in "Thelma and Louise." Not everyone was as willing as a young Neil Patrick Harris but he's only had one selfie refusal in 30 year, Loretta wit from "M.A.S.H." I guess she thought if I was that close she wouldn't look good. Reporter: Even the first lady Henry husband succumbed. Reagan said, gosh, I've never had my picture taken like that before. Never had a selfie, wow. I'm on to something there. Reporter: He was. These days, presidents even snap selfies themselves. For "Good morning America," nick watt, ABC news, Los Angeles. Well, whether it was first or not, that's an incredible collection. Amazing. And all with a cannon sureshot which just can't be easy to do. One thing I thought was interesting, he said holding his arm out the act of holding his arm out disarmed actors. For some -- Loretta wit. He was very nice about her. Send us your morning snapshot with #wakeupselfie.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Lester Wisbrod says he took the first selfie way back in 1981.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24596147","title":"Man Claims to Be the Creator of the Selfie","url":"/GMA/video/man-claims-creator-selfie-24596147"}