Man Fakes Own Death, Tries to Start New Life

Raymond Roth faked drowning death in New York, deceived his family.
2:28 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Fakes Own Death, Tries to Start New Life
Now, to the story of the man who faked his own death, and deceived his own family members. Raymond roth concocted a scheme to make a new life for himself. Chris cuomo has the story. Reporter: John roth shows the exact spot where his father got in over his head. We kind of went off over back there. Reporter: Saturday, july 28th, 2012. Raymond and son decide it's a perfect beach day. He took his shirt off. Took his shoes off, even. Reporter: Half an hour later, john sounds the alarm, saying his dad went for a dip and disappeared. We're all crying on the beach, maybe a heart attack. Reporter: Then, what about this? Among the belongings he left on the beach, a wallet with no driver's license. A cell phone with no calls or texts. And as evana roth soon discovered, bank accounts with no money. I started to look at the bank records and there was nothing left. Reporter: Although it was unclear exactly when, raymond had significantly increased -- tripled. Reporter: His life insurance. Then, the horror started. Reporter: Four days after the disappearance, evana stumbles upon her stepson john's open e-mail account. Uh-oh. All the e-mails popped up. Reporter: She reads a dumbfounding series of secret messages from raymond, sent the day before he went missing. Raymond mentions a last will and testament. And getting cash for the trip. Ray warns him to use a pay phone to call me at the resort. I'm like, I can't believe it. He's alive. We have to call the authorities. Reporter: Where raymond was during his not-so-near-death experience? Hehis honda down to his own timeshare in orlando, florida. Do you have anything to say to your family? What do you have to say to your son? Reporter: Roth denies it. But john says his father forced him to take part in a scheme, by threatening him with death. Raymond says the life insurance angle was his son's idea. He had nothing to do with that. But prosecutors are charging both men. For "good morning america," chris cuomo, abc news, new york.

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{"id":18189554,"title":"Man Fakes Own Death, Tries to Start New Life","duration":"2:28","description":"Raymond Roth faked drowning death in New York, deceived his family.","url":"/GMA/video/man-fakes-death-start-life-18189554","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}