Man Sleepwalks Over Cliff While Camping, Survives

Ryan Campbell, 27, was on a camping trip in Kentucky when he sleepwalked off a 60-foot cliff.
2:09 | 09/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Sleepwalks Over Cliff While Camping, Survives
incredible story of a sleepwalking camper, plunging 60 feet off a cliff. Somehow he managed to walk away. And rescuers are crediting some brush with saving his life. Gio Benitez has the story. Good morning, gio. Reporter: It was supposed to be a fun trip to red river gorge. Then, that frightening fall. The man said he never expected to go to bed and fall off a cliff. All search and rescue, we have a fall. Reporter: The urgent call for help, moments after Ryan Campbell falls 60 feet into the pitch-black night. Campbell had gone to sleep in his hammock. But his friends say, just an hour or so later, they watched him sleepwalk right over the edge of this cliff. Don't need too much tension. Reporter: Rescuers quickly responding. Rigging lines, preparing to repel down to reach Campbell. Upon getting to the bottom, incredibly -- I was shocked that I couldn't find any discernible injury. Reporter: Rescuers finding Campbell conscious, alert and talking. I was sure I was dead. You know. Or at least severely messed up. You don't think you're going to fall that far and walk away from it. Reporter: Soon, hoisting him back up that cliff in a basket. It was surreal coming up the way I came down because, you know, I got to see every foot of this cliff that I had just flown over. Reporter: And rushing him to an ambulance. He was treated at a nearby hospital. Released just hours later. It looks like miraculously, out of all of the places he could land in, he landed in a bush. Reporter: Campbell's rescuers believe that giant bush likely saved his life. Otherwise, he more likely than not would have been a fatal fall. Reporter: And Campbell says, he's hanging up his hammock. I'm not going to put myself in a position to have that happen again. Reporter: It's good to smile about that now, right? Perhaps the most defining moment for him, he says he remembers waking up after gio. Thanks so much. Coming up here, a new study revealing the simple thing that

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Ryan Campbell, 27, was on a camping trip in Kentucky when he sleepwalked off a 60-foot cliff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25400928","title":"Man Sleepwalks Over Cliff While Camping, Survives","url":"/GMA/video/man-sleepwalks-cliff-camping-survives-25400928"}