Mandisa opens up about overcoming depression

The Grammy-winning singer speaks out about the depression she suffered after the loss of a close friend.
4:58 | 04/26/17

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Transcript for Mandisa opens up about overcoming depression
She was singing along. Yeah. She's a true overcomer. Our great friend, grammy-winning artist, mandisa. She helped welcome me back to "Gma" with her hit song stronger in 2013. That was following my bone marrow transplant. She's been a source of comfort and inspiration for so many people. I remember that like it was yesterday. My sisters were here. And I'm one of many who said thank you. You helped so many of us overcome. Please welcome, an overcomer herself, mandisa back here to "Gma." Thank you. Oh. Wow. Yeah. I told you not to make me cry. Tears of joy. That song also, your song overcomer, the video. People remember it. They saw it. It was for your friend, Kesha. When she passed away from breast cancer, you lost it. You wept into deep depression. Tell people what happened. So ironic. That song helped so many people. I remember when I asked you to be in it. Oh, gosh. You're really trying to make me try. That is Kisha. Wow. I remember telling you about her when I was here. And really believing and praying that god was going to heal her. When she passed away, it just shook the foundation underneath me in a way I didn't expect. I have never been the kind of person that shakes my fists and yells at god. I'm the kind of person who shuts down. I told Jen, Dr. Jen, amazing that you had that segment here about emotional eating because that's what I have done my entire life. So after losing over 120 pounds. Which I talked about my first time here, I gained it all back. And 75 more. Soy sunk into the deepest depression of my life after Keisha passed. You would not let people in your door. You put ear plugs in. You shut people out? I did. Growing up with my mom, isolated. Being supersingle. If you're a big black believer and a born again with a goatee, call me. It's so easy to shut people out and be by myself. I've learned how dangerous that is. You said you were going down a very dark road. It got pretty bad. On the point where if I had not gotten off that road, I would not be here today. I was this close to listening to that voice that told me, you can be with Jesus right now, all you have to do is take your life. And it almost happened. But, god is what I say. He saved my life, quite literally. He stepped in. Your friend stepped in. Love stepped in. I've often said, you know, when people ask, was your faith shaken? I said, I got mad at him. But he can take it. Just don't stay mad. Tell people how your friends, you were at a movie. That was a dark place. You watched movie after movie. When you came out of the movie, what did you find on your car? Mgts I came out of the theater. After years of being in that dark place. My car had a bunch of sticky notes all over it. As I got closer, those notes said things like, we love you. Come back to us. We miss you. As I got closer, a group of my friends, who I had shut out, they were there. They had been waiting at the theater as I sat there and watched two movies, not just one. They wait there had over four hours for me. They pretty much had an intervention. They said, we love you just as you are. But we love you too much to leave you that way. I'm so glad they were there for you. You have been there for so many people. Thank you for allowing us to be there for you. It means so much. Your new music, which you're going to hear in the next half hour. You're going hear her new music, yes, yes, yes, yes. You're allowing yourself to be transparent. You're letting us in. Totally. Yeah. I realized as I started to share this story. I started to hear from people who said, I'm just glad to know I'm not alone and not the only one who felt that way. The album may 19th is called "Out of the dark." The song I'm going to sing is "Unfini "Unfinished." I don't have to have it all together. I'm masterpiece in the making. I'm just unfinished for right now. Yes, indeed. You're in a good place? I have never been better. I'm not where I want to be. But thanks god I'm not where I was. I have lost, you know, about 75 of the weight that I've gained. I'm going to get all the way there. Not finished yet. Not finished yet.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"The Grammy-winning singer speaks out about the depression she suffered after the loss of a close friend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47020463","title":"Mandisa opens up about overcoming depression ","url":"/GMA/video/mandisa-opens-overcoming-depression-47020463"}