Manhunt grows for suspected Florida serial killer

Tampa authorities are examining surveillance video for clues after three people were shot and killed in 10 days within less than a half a mile of each other.
5:41 | 10/24/17

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Transcript for Manhunt grows for suspected Florida serial killer
massive manhunt for a suspected serial killer on the loose in Florida. Police hoping to speak with a person in this surveillance video. After three people were shot to death in Tampa. ABC's Victor Oquendo is there and, Victor, it's understandable the community is on edge this morning. Good morning. Reporter: Absolutely and good morning, robin. Police asking us once again to come to the station this morning. They did not want us in that neighborhood overnight. Tampa's mayor doing what he can to reassure the public saying they added a thousand streetlights to the Seminole heights neighborhood and won't stop until that killer is caught. We will hunt this son of a Down until we find him. Reporter: Overnight Tampa police on the hunt for a killer after the shooting deaths of three people in ten days. Nobody comes into our house and does this. Not now, not ever. Reporter: Authorities poring over this grainy surveillance video for clues looking at this person of interest walking alone wearing a hood on the night of the first killing. Not releasing much information about evidence but insisting the killings are connected and asking the community for help. What we need you to do is pay attention to what's going on in your neighborhood. Everybody at this point is a suspect. If you're out there walking alone, you're either a suspect or a potential victim. Reporter: The three victims gunned down less than half a mile apart. Two, Benjamin Mitchell and Anthony naiboa killed near bus stops. The third victim, Monica Hoffa was walking to a friend's home, her body discovered in an empty lot. America's most wanted host John Walsh spent 25 years chasing down fugitives. He's caught 1400 and knows firsthand what it takes to apprehend a suspect. We always solve these things when the public gets involved. Reporter: Walsh says he sees similarities between these shootings to the D.C. Sniper shootings. John Allen Muhammed and low Malveaux critically wounding three others. Why this killer reminds me of the beltway sniper and D.C. Serial killer is it seems to be a person that comes out at night to kill. It's someone killing for the thrill of it. Reporter: With Halloween just days away we're told the plans are in place, a huge police presence. Adults being asked to accompany their children but should note this killer doesn't go after people in groups but people who are alone. Robin. Keep that in mind, Victor. Let's bring in Lenny Depaul former chief inspector with the marshal service and Dan Abrams. Lenny, you have a lot of experience here. What are investigators focusing on. Right now, robin, it's a pretty chaotic scene. Three people that have been killed in the past two weeks. They're knocking on door, q&a'ing people and signal intelligence looking at cc-tv if there's any video on the block, surveillance cameras in people's homes and whatnot. There's certainly skwausd knocking on door, K and A'ing and the streets like to talk so $25,000 reward out there. Yeah, might get some Intel that way. Okay, well, what we see going on here and, of course, the community is on edge but authorities are confident that there's a link here. So they've got to balance something which is they've got to balance neighborhood awareness with investigative integrity. Meaning they want people to know and yet they don't want to give away too much and they've got to balance those two things. I don't think we know everything they know. Here's what we do know. We do know the time of when it happened. We do know the consistent connection to buses. We know who the victims were and my guess is that they are looking for example for a connection to something with bus, a former employee, for example, they'd be looking at why are they targeting bus riders. Is it totally random? Maybe but that's going to be something they're looking at an I promise you there is something else that they have that they're not disclosing because what they want to do is prevent the crackpots who call call in in these high-profile cases and say, oh, I know something about this. And they want to narrow it down to say, wait a sec, how did this person know that detail? That person really must know something. Lenny knows this all too well. And not only that, it seems like it's more of a run and gun. Not an armed robbery. It's close. He's not spending or she's not spending any time with the victims. Run and gun. They're being ambushed. Is this person on the bus. Is he following them? You know, it's the million dollar questions right now. Hopefully law enforcement is all over this and has the answers to these question, but right now they're chasing a ghost. That video that they have is critical. I mean, you know, we've seen the surveillance video. We don't know that this person is connected, right? But the fact that they have a video like this at their releasing and saying, hey, we'd like to talk to this person at the very least. That's a really big comply and this comes from the first incident and have had it out there for some time and haven't been able to get a definitive link yet. It's such a tough spot when Dan was alluding to because as a public you want as much information as possible but as officers, you got to hold something back. You have to. I mean it's unfortunate. You can't be that transparent. You know, right now, residents in the area are sleeping with one eye open. They're scared to death. Keep your lights on. Keep your dog out back, whatever. If you see something, say something, obviously. But they can't get too much out there because they don't -- it's a juggling act right now. They're trying to put that puzzle together, connect the dots and don't want interference if you will at this point. Hopefully they'll be able to connect those dots stand, Lenny, Dan.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"Tampa authorities are examining surveillance video for clues after three people were shot and killed in 10 days within less than a half a mile of each other.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50676649","title":"Manhunt grows for suspected Florida serial killer","url":"/GMA/video/manhunt-grows-suspected-florida-serial-killer-50676649"}