How Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Co-Parent for the Holidays

The former couple shared photos on social media of "#festivefamilymoments" with their 4-year-old twins.
4:03 | 12/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Co-Parent for the Holidays
Welcome back to "Gma." We all know the holidays can be a difficult time of the year for divorced parents. Nick cannon and Mariah Carey are making news with the pictures they're posting of themselves co-parents their kids. Co-parents can be so much harder at the holidays. What about when exes who are used to having blowout extravaganzas -- well, what day did may have them on the nice list. This morning, showing that all they want for Christmas is quality time with their 4-year-old twins. ? What more can I do baby all I want for Christmas is row ? Reporter: Cannon posting this photo on his instagram with Carey and their twins, Monroe and Moroccan, saying fest I family moment. Both parents sharing a flurry of photos with their exciting weekend for the kids. By coming together, Mariah and nick are sending an excellent message to mare children but to other parents that you don't have to be together to be great co-parents of your kids. Reporter: When hay first split late last year, cannon spoke to "Gma" about how he and Carey intended to co-parent regardless of their separation. We'll forever be family. At the same time, we're there for our children and making them the number one priority and understanding that their loved and can have an playing Solly. Reporter: Carey reflecting that. We're learning as we go. We're doing the best we can. It's all about the kids. That's it. Reporter: The proud parents posting their co-parenting accomplishments all year. Like this family photo from the twins' 4 rt birthday party and a picture of a very happy Thanksgiving. Cannon telling Howard Stern about the family Turkey dinner. No bad words. She's awesome. It's still love and respect involved. It's not really about, oh, what I get, what you get. Reporter: One of many former Hollywood couples, like Gwyneth paltrow and Chris martin, and Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck putting the kids first after a split. Parents are sending the message that even though they're not together, they're willing to be together with the kids. They're willing to communicate. They're willing to put the kids' interests before their own. That's just an awesome thing. Reporter: And nick cannon says putting the kids' interests first is not hard. It's about the unconditional love you have for your kids so you can let go of the grudges. Absolutely. We send it to George. He's with erikka souter. If you can pull this off, there are real benefits. I'm not going present this San easy thing to do. We have talked to parents who have done it successfully. The kids have to feel that they have a solid family unit though the parents are not in the same house. I can understand how some kids could get confused. Absolutely. Especially dealing with young children. They may think, oh, great, mom and dad are getting back together. Parents say the best thing so to communicate and say, dad's going back to his house. Mom will be at her house. But we're spending the holiday together as family. You have have to a real open heart and flexibility. A lot of flexibility. There are three things that parents need to do. Number one, they do need to be flexible. About the schedule, the timing, how things come together. This is not the time to take a hard line. Number two, communicate with each other so everyone is on the same page when it kols to what's best for the kids. Lastly, probably the most important, you don't want to wait until the last minute to pull this together. Make your plan ahead of time. So you know going into the holiday where everyone is going to be, where all the parts are in place. That makes for Mauch mur peaceful holiday. And the kids do of love to know. Thank you, Ericka.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The former couple shared photos on social media of \"#festivefamilymoments\" with their 4-year-old twins. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35884796","title":"How Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Co-Parent for the Holidays","url":"/GMA/video/mariah-carey-nick-cannon-parent-holidays-35884796"}