Marie Osmond Reveals Favorite 'DWTS' Dancer

Osmond discusses new season of "DWTS," and shares emergency preparedness tips for families.
3:11 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Marie Osmond Reveals Favorite 'DWTS' Dancer
disaster. She is the new spokesperson for z company. She is here to tell us about that. And we're going to catch up on everything else. Let's talk. I love it. Good to see you. Good to see you. You look beautiful. Look at you, sister. It's hard to believe looking at you, could it be you're a grandmother? I'm almost. DECEMBER 26th, I WILL BECOME A Grandmother. I'm so excited. It's crazy. Congratulations. I want to talk to you about "dancing with the stars." Another season upon us. I call it "dancing with the starved." It is like the best weight loss program ever. You get sore. I believe you should be 19 to do that show and nothing over. This season, do you have favorites? Amber alert. Amber alert. You and everybody else. I'm telling you, I say, you go, girl. You have company in vegas. What do you think about britney joining you? Isn't that fun? She's going to be part of the caesar's group and part of the family now. I'm really excited. She's really trying to pull herself together. And she's doing really well. And I love vegas because of being a mom. I have eight children, four at home still. And you know, it's a nice stay-at-home job. Celine, myself, we live there. You know, there's something nice about not being on the road and a different venue. I tour and do christmas shows and things like that. But this is some stability. There's some stability. And I can understand why she wants to do that. You've been given the opportunity to endorse probably 9 billion things over the course of your career. Why the company? It's accordable. You can eat less than school lunch. It's affordable. But look at what's going on with sandy, katrina. What with the $78 billion of damage done just here in new york and new jersey. What is this? It's emergency meals. Not your grandmother's kind. Not the beans and rice and the gross garbage. This is lasagna and really good stuff. Swea to you. Why am I here talking about put und yourbed. Convenient. If -- I have in my car.D y add water. O don't have to add hot water. And it's affordable. It's convenient. It tastes really good. Tast the peaches. Ut they're different than any other company because they're dehydrated and freeze-dried. And they combine. I swear it's fantastic. Marie osmond. Give it for christmas to people. And save lives. Thank you very much. Will you tell donny, we hope -- it's a bummer.

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{"id":20456671,"title":"Marie Osmond Reveals Favorite 'DWTS' Dancer","duration":"3:11","description":"Osmond discusses new season of \"DWTS,\" and shares emergency preparedness tips for families. ","url":"/GMA/video/marie-osmond-reveals-favorite-dwts-dancer-promotes-emergency-20456671","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}