Liam Neeson is not retiring, but he is changing how he chooses roles

Neeson appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his role in 'Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House.'
18:34 | 10/04/17

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Transcript for Liam Neeson is not retiring, but he is changing how he chooses roles
Doing here in this building. This is a remarkable amount of information. And about the break Q we're still gathering strength this is just beginning. First a loan. No more interviews with the White House or CIA people without committing watch lose progression. This amendment. And get out. The FBI. As an independent body I'm winners are you also aware that means we don't need permission to do anything from anybody. You get that up just one time you don't ever gets back efforts market dramatically don't even know what the citizens right we don't. When we're going to find out that's what we do. You don't work for them. Q with the director of the FB I now. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn really tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now called. Mark felt the man who brought down the White House so many things about that sub title that I love. Anyway this star of this movie William nieces my guest today. Welcome went. Thank you to have you here great to be. Was it about the idea of playing mark felt deep throat as the world new him until it was revealed he was it. That is Gil to you now. My Steve through well. During Watergate which kicked off in 1972 I'm from the north environment we were going through our own troubles as small as that are thirty year war. So it is can apple where. Kane of aware of what Watergate laws of this on the periphery of our television shops and but Peter Lance from the writer director who was. X investigative journalist very good home. Sent me this script. I used to say very very little of it's restarted in a vigorous search from you it's a huge. What McCain was. Not just for America went for. Western society. You know that. A custom was going to be impeached and left. Obviously I'm troops start to put these two men. Neophyte journalists you know. So was fascinating research. And there are incredible parallels. I hope there is coming down on what's happening maintenance cannibal Tammy actually what you said about the journalists doing. You know we also see the journalists from time magazine here. This gives mark felt. The coolest choreograph and you know yes I don't know the journalists themselves could have found this when and Bernstein and Woodward they have a lot of sources. And connect want to Smart fellow but mark don't seem to be. The guy that that certainly guided Woodward Bernstein never madam a total. But Woodward had. Go to friendship going with mark felt for years by. Woodward was in the navy. Was a documents to bring over to the white race was waiting to go into the situation room. And quite need I was this stately gentleman beautiful silver hair waving to him too so they struck up a conversation. And and mark felt came up became like a father figure. Can of the mentor and Bernstein attitude to Woodward with a Bloomberg. It's Woodward. Worked on that relationship when he became journalists. He wore. Done it but we see that during the thirty years that I felt was. In the FBI second two. Good Baja you know human to put our own guys in here exactly you're not gonna keep this job yes and the movie is so complex and interesting for me because it's not just I hate you for not giving me the job it's what the FBI represented to him eggs. Saga but I'm glad that you might to Peter because you know people say why did he do it why did he spilled will be you know he's he's. You know and FBI circles he would be regarded as a traitor. But I. I want to believe he first off he was very upset that Hoover died. Mark felt was didn't get the number one position he was very hurt by as a neighbor lot of other FBI agents. What wasn't happy that she was not New York now. I think that's spurred them home. Until so what they FBI where are investigating a poet Watergate is never really quick on the case from news five burglars broke out. The next day they are finding stuffed them. Just three of them are in the CIA. The or stuffs. So. I think felt. Salt or predicted that this was going straight to the top these. Covert operations this criminal it was coming from the west wing I think he kinda thought okay. And they Wear them that the west wing were getting the CIA to try and impede the FBI investigation. Felt his colleagues really took operative. Advertising distort. Him this way. So effective culmination of those. Made felt right I'm confident I'm gonna do it constitute. They get in due to speak because when you watching this movie it's impossible you brought this up a little bit before but to think of that news you know if but we all say okay the man who cut down the White House. Kidd is it possible today from you playing this in from the research you didn't hear it. Do you think we could ever live in a world where somebody can get together who's on the inside cooperate with journalism or it's too soon. I think we're seeing at the moment Peter and you know there's leaks inspect all the time and striving. Our current president crazy and obviously you know I'm the B and don't quicker because we're kind of the way update and have computerized you know. And Lewis a's nearly seven days Woodward. Or its emergence they were knocking on doors in the middle of the night trying to get information with little notebooks him. Nowadays it's quicker we can go on the Hampton Africans find it fax instantly. Terrifying. And instantly and will salute this feels good do in this movie. Here. It was different from beaten up as I say that we honestly I'd be appearing this announcement from me. About this no more action movies for years. What is that well that was that's like Daniel Craig after the last bond films and yet but he's back. But Savvis post traumatic stress disorder and those bombings issue for anything they did this field. Post. But no idea. Of good two other action films amendments to your. On school hard harder. The school's computer. But Michael pounds so my comments them for movies to him. The that's about it shenanigans. Commuter train them. Leaving ground some pollsters to go towards Poughkeepsie to I saw the trailer that you have thirty minutes to decide. Obviously yet they did do that but it's that's a really good so you're saying there's no taken for. Not definite now it's only so many times your daughter today. That's done. What was the wife and if there. Officers you can move on they can be your dog. You can be any kind they know that yet he graves whose. Brilliantly plays my daughter to go all right students. Here admires them tumor masses of I you've got a great idea taggants have you have a child. Channel gets take him I'd be babysitting euthanized so we start something. Silly idea. Say well I'm still believing that if the right person called. With the right script in the right idea. Did you might jump back and that may be not to take it. Now today but to something else answers. When you look when you look back at this stuff that you've done on screen and it's so much. What are like the three things that you can look at and say this was exactly when I took this. It turned out to be something that made me at least pleased and satisfied with what I did. Opening hospital and then it was seven in the music I make. There's never been a really about experience you know sometimes people say oh what's your favorite. You know there's. I always have to put Michael Collins because he was. A revolutionary hero moment. Irish revolution. Tentative list of course from called the grade. And the plane was tools brief statement kind of under rated and I thought it was yet. Was. There's very cathartic for me because my wife who passed away years ago of this from seven years ago I just find it. Cuffed Arctic. To be up of the wiles of Canada. Saving guys' lives after her appointment to us was his with a great bunch of actors. In the elements which are putting yourself back in two job. That didn't just help you get through something was so difficult times work helped him and I'm very blasted him. They asked to be him of these complete strangers and always told shocks me and others today. But someone son's best script I've never they want it to him film that has always talk to him. People would come when I wanted to ask you about that because you're raising two cents. Yeah yeah. That's the profit don't have much harder than taking that went to went. Hope you you know by the great but. But they're cunning woman turning to do so you have almost left us. It's. I'd listen I was very. 00 how are your sentence when they CU on screen are they critical of you they just totally supportive or saying. I do something else. They're kind of remained a few years ago the ultimate. Criticism. Rose. We solo movie. You'll cool. Through it yet flat was. So. But. My eldest boy Michael these 22 he's become an actor. Comes trained them much to my protest stations. These things get more companies. Use. Is could it could critical. But you fought it all the way. Don't have is yes I did because. Listen. Any actor or actress went. If you're lucky enough to get an audition. It's you reject it nine times ten. And are not rejected because of view ridge case. Where you want to school or government can protect it because of things. To enter you occupy and you're too tall and two Irish your noses to prove it to this here to that you're too much like. Jeff Bridges here too. If they. So then have to go out of their addiction group. If you're lucky enough to have another addition the next thing you have to get your mood to to go win I'm time Palin job. So I didn't want my son going through and because it is a part rejection. Yeah I mean rejection comes in life but it is usually because we you don't have the qualifications. The dude if not all those very personal thing. That's very personal yeah. Actress. And even worse on actresses. Oh of course you know will then dared ages and is huge it's just I'm sorry. You're the mother I'm sorry you're you're 28 years of razor to promote for twenty to hear me. Tough. One of them back in Ireland reviewing your parents what would they saying when you said I'm in the didn't. Well it didn't as the trouble. You didn't say no it was nineteen. 75. We feud alert players theatre and I'm patron of professionals you. Repertory theater I I think in this country and tips stock theater that a play every moment. I took a day off work and I was architects system I was living room. To that they have worked and what to Belfast. Enough but three months ago. To do an audition for the lyric theater. I can tell my parents. Took the train. Did this edition. I'm before I left the theater. I signed a contract to become professional actor. They needed somebody for six foot four. I happen to be fixed before it was not my audition blew them away it didn't. But however I signed this contract not. This time I got home. NORTHERN IRELAND them especially go for it was like. Beirut. And the civil war. I'm for me not to tell my parents of course there's no mobile phones and beaten. I should have been home of my dinner with them at 530. I staggered and so 11 o'clock. Caught the train but I haven't gone to the local. Haven't shown my mates this contract. Few pence against. Starter Michael wife parents face was back. With worry and concern. I told them where I want us. They just. We're stomped it didn't speak to me from maybe a week. And I'm incredulous that. But I'll never forget the hurt I caused. My stupidly house. And it's 23 years arrange Lufthansa favors. Right twelve or thirteen or fourteen and now lives a man than me. What I was living at home meant until my two four to sneak up and do this so they. Well I guess it's just like your son but who wanted to become an actor who didn't I wonder how long it took him to Italian dad this is what I wanted. I think to everybody else's. It sadly two of his grandmother insists. Vanessa Redgrave mostly she gave good for us they have eventually came to me I think it Vanessa Redgrave told me it was okay. I say it was all I would just go ahead and do are you know we end in song. What you did you did some Irish thing for me the last time and I beautiful. And now you can do French. I don't know but don't be a whole song just the tiny little something view eons. He won't Hussein of course I do my forties moment. Because I don't care what I want but it was it was Irish I can't say it that it was it was beautiful. My favorite son who were was Tommy Boy sometimes endless source former crew just a little bit. Doctor Who. People. But. Pipes that circle please. From slim to blend moon. This. Tucson. He. In the sunshine and then she. Or attending school. And both come he. Eric once Summers in them through. Or when. Means and and white with snow. His he. Was Katzman some. Overs gets. It shouldn't it shouldn't be given as and focus on to say if I'm dad. To stop to my grave in my grade from the screen to be. As you are stunning and pitiful us six it it it's beautiful and it does it. Always units and remember when I just might let them. 08 years and years ago if I hadn't audition and some Montero that you have to wait and and you threw the pitch count player downstairs in the lobby plan and I dollars asked him to some played down the boy. For some reason it just gave me. And you could going to practical land you could go in and isn't that something is on the resisted me so vicious he's harassment saying things I think for one thing. Early in the morning not a Panama an if you do it well would get their view that they've thank you so there's always good productive citizens with the.

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{"id":50252310,"title":"Liam Neeson is not retiring, but he is changing how he chooses roles ","duration":"18:34","description":"Neeson appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his role in 'Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House.'","url":"/GMA/video/mark-felt-star-liam-neeson-retiring-changing-chooses-50252310","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}