Mark Wahlberg Reveals How He Bonds with His Son

Says new film is among top three of his career that encapsulate him.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for Mark Wahlberg Reveals How He Bonds with His Son
-- again this morning 01 -- -- -- -- Daddy radio work -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just Afghanistan that's all. We're -- we -- three options. One. Let him go -- RB -- and listen. To we time. I got Rolodex they'll -- being by wolves. Or freeze to death. Three. Terminated compromise. We cannot do that. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now called lone survivor. It is about Navy SEALs in Afghanistan. 2005. And it's a true story and I'd never seen a combat may be quite like this or courage under fire portrait quite like this. And one of the people portraying that is Mark Wahlberg who happily is right here now. -- shake your hand you wounded yourself a soft shape Sasha. -- had -- -- -- gave you before it was way too hard lesson and yes -- you can't do repair tendon he can do it okay well to begin. Because. We should set this up for people haven't seen it yet this movie's gonna open. Sort of slowly it's -- that platform resettlement country but what is lone survivor and who is Marcus a -- that your plan. -- -- that shows one of four guys who is in Afghanistan 2005. And -- in the operation red wing. To go in capture or kill a high ranking Taliban official. And up on that mountain -- -- compromised the they get stumbled upon by a couple of goat herders two boys and older gentleman who have contact with the Taliban and they. Faced with the decision either to let them go -- to kill them and it's a very complicated decision made by. Young men in the very difficult situation and they decide to let them go within 45 minutes to surrounded by three -- Taliban. And engaged in a horrific gun fight that lasted three three hours and Marcus was the only one to survive and the only reason why he survived was he stumbled upon an Afghan village and despite the fact that they were going to have to risk their own lives. There's a 2000 year old custom that if somebody's in need that they're going to help them. Do you think it's a political movement not at all not at all I mean if anything it's its pro -- is not pro war and these soldiers don't decide. What the politics are what they're gonna go 54 they just know if they're sent by their superiors they follow orders and that's what they do and they risk their lives to. Fight for freedom and so. No I never I never really I thought it was always about divorcing the movie from politics. And really just about these guys and what -- do. Now the combat scenes. Are incredible they're incredibly. Harsh. They give you that sense of what's happening -- it. And. What is the approach to doing it with you and -- three co stars. Just getting. -- there making a real. You know like the fighter we decided you know ability to make the movie. Since its potential deception was a bigger. Budget didn't happen when he didn't have the times he's just got to get up there make you feel. And but you always get the sense that you're in the moment when you do something that as opposed to using wires green screen and all that stuff. To have -- of the bells and -- what we had. We had a unit both front of and behind the camera that was really committed to telling the story. In the most real -- honest way and and that's why it comes off with us did you have. On the the seals on was Marcus on the set markers on the -- Marcus was never on the set we were doing the gun fight or when I was alone in the village. But we had -- markers for we have a -- -- guys. That were with us each I was assigned to a different actor and we gave them. Full reign as far as anything technically. So if you were doing something wrong movement was there anything they would yell cut. Didn't matter what was that at stake could be huge explosions ruining -- day. If you were doing a right -- -- by the neck and show you how to do it and you do it right and doing to you got it right and it was pretty incredible you know. Having those guys there and you know we wanted to -- as an. Authentic as possible so -- -- market's there. I would think he'd be the ultimate critic of this movie. Has he seen the completed -- yes what's his reaction -- He loves the movie but he doesn't love what happened. I mean obviously you know he lost his Brothers didn't I don't know -- that's never gonna change where -- at the -- I don't know how you can. Have the courage and that mental and physical strength to become -- navy -- To survive with -- survived. Right all the pain and injuries that he entered and then to go. Rehab himself back just to get back out on the battlefield. You know I mean he would go back on the battlefield smallest. You know that's just the kind of guy he is that make DNA -- It's a very rare thing -- You know -- he has a lot of our actions he doesn't like to be called a hero but he certainly here and it's. But you have a director Pete Burke who is. Well what is it. Describe this -- -- special individual you know what's great about Pete is he's an actor first and so. Is an amazing filmmaker brings an -- first we understands interests which is in the best position possible. To make you feel comfortable and bring out the best in you. But you know he he in the guys -- you know the standard was set pretty high. And expectations -- but everybody was was related to the task when looking. Your career now I mean you're doing fifty million things a day. You know I mean -- you -- and on trust is now. The only -- -- -- found its ago that little moment where it became an HBO senior. Based on your life. I said immediately after the sooners -- we have to -- movie. Everybody in the Leone that we don't do this violent just kept saying no its happening its happening. Little by little people started saying -- I guess it's happening. Good script. Everybody sign and -- start shooting at first -- now Hampshire changes completely went down that it's a full motion picture yet. The whole idea. -- playing your character must be changed into something. -- but I think -- -- -- -- overall -- related to get back to what the show was initially it was just really about the guys that relationship and that bond. That's what people like to see as well as getting an inside look. At the life of a celebrity and Hollywood -- in all frozen. And those guys that it's based on still with you. Yes aside from -- first maternal character. -- past where. Again the religious drama is still alive and kicking. Craze is important. Doing it -- -- right now with him. And some other friends and family members on -- And the real he's still with -- and let the -- producer or manager. -- still. Kicking their. Still moved in the courier we will that we really it does it you know last night and moves closer store at 730 premier starts and ultimately. It was like two minutes to eight Ari was literally screaming. From his seat up to the front of the year telling the story the movie -- was turning to use the movie and things mired. -- -- impact on universal Comcast in this -- screens stacked. When did you tell people you know like Ari Gold that -- be an article in Britain yet and he's not seeing that. Now it's -- way past all of that will be doing the most satisfaction and fun. It -- -- satisfaction in watching my -- scored touchdowns. On Saturday afternoon. Play -- play football and but. I love my orca -- everything they're doing a love I love acting is my my my first love and passion but I -- producing -- Start producing because. I thought it would help me in my career is an -- because I wasn't getting all the scripts first you know. I wasn't. You know the first go to guy so it's -- you know -- -- quite get the treatments you know I have to find it discovered myself. Development myself and create my own destiny and that was that in just being -- and and now also you know. Just letting other towns people do their thing you know. I -- to -- -- of that kind. Holds all the control as opposed to being a facilitator you know more like a point -- making everybody look good picture but -- scores wins. Say there's a young there's a teenager there's somebody 1415 years old and hasn't seen much of this and saw you in one of these movies he made down want to know what saved the three. Mark Wahlberg movies they can they should see that would tell them. Nothing about whether -- the best of the worst or anything but that say something about who you wore what -- -- set what would you tell them to work. Here. Here yeah I love that you'd think that. The FB. On the -- and I but I don't have to two person in a lot more than that -- -- fear. Boogie nights. -- -- That's of interest in three there's a couple more. And I owning -- different gigs since the waited since then you can come back later goes he Ted. He kept what can must points per says it calls and says why aren't you mentioning that the -- you know it's at we want -- The site waiting for him to say yes to the so the script to. -- -- -- to just hold -- hold that somehow in your hand -- give in my salad to its. Sure just get given the way just get it done this -- so what about you life. Happy are you happy in it. -- thrilled you know blessed be doing what I'm doing both personally and listen. Couldn't ask for more as far as my career goes -- Beautiful wife four healthy children. Still go on -- -- you're still doing million. And it's this it's weird in this business we everybody -- told you can't really lead. Not only in normal life but -- spiritual one. I don't live by those rules regarding Iran -- -- Don't try to impose my faith. Just and I don't try to hide it it's just it's just -- need to live my life and conduct myself and that's the reason why successful happy. Appreciative but it's a reconstruction to last time you were still trying to get over to detectives that -- they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While it's come it's and then what you -- once they're all off there may be whole other level view that I'm. I can't even predict there. -- negative portrait of human element suggesting that that's the next thing I want it both sides I think just the mustache should be on the chest. The rest of me -- -- back well you know that we end the show and saw last time of course we saying that Ted. And founder yes. That. That caused a lot of wonderful mail among family audiences who just want to take forever but what is that song going through your head. Right now yeah. Thinking about. You got to touch. A few that he. So. Do you know the I don't know it is well I know it but I couldn't -- -- at the touch you can feel the touch yet but I can just. I -- back to you look so -- -- that's crazy in I didn't realize this until the guy who wrote the original song performed and you got the touch. Was in the transformers. Cartoon or early movies -- him. So now they'll likely be -- he makes -- public debate to put like the soundtrack. I -- I don't have that kind of clout and try to try to do my own rap song for but. -- this can you have -- Yeah. They have done that to roll is then and in -- in run yeah. You know the moves -- -- -- those stream. Break the rules and take the heat. -- nobody's fool. That version should go right on Tibet centric just as you did it I would think that the 152 spot -- this is the movie playing in the back wrote me singing it. This is enough to make your brother -- news. You know green with -- And perhaps you know and that's what you have always been competitive fitness and at what does when he's here he's only saying you know mark we've -- without. Chilled to sync with the channel it was a good to be so -- -- -- ring that and now. Americans inspire them. Think they authorized the license office -- -- the sense they've got that it's getting that we --

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{"id":21486807,"title":"Mark Wahlberg Reveals How He Bonds with His Son","duration":"3:00","description":"Says new film is among top three of his career that encapsulate him. ","url":"/GMA/video/mark-wahlberg-interview-2014-lone-survivor-pro-soldier-21486807","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}