Mark Wahlberg Teams Up With Will Ferrell in 'Daddy's Home'

The "Ted" star discusses his new film about two dads squaring off for the love of their family.
3:15 | 12/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Wahlberg Teams Up With Will Ferrell in 'Daddy's Home'
I'm here with mark Wahlberg. He's teaming up with will Ferrell in the new comedy, daddy's home. A dad and a step dad square off for the love of their family. Hey, kids. Helmets on the half pipe. We have to with safe here. Half pipe? That's Cory from red bull. You have a sponsor for my backyard? And mark Wahlberg joins us. The whole family watched this last night. Had a lot of fun. Dusty is the ultimate cool dad. Yes, aside from his inability to be responsible and commit. But he comes back and throws the whole family into an uproar. It must have been so much fun to team up with will again. He's such a great guy. One of the rare comedy guys. His humor comes from a nice place. He's a nice and happy guy. He enjoys making people laugh. It taps into something. This is a dynamic happening in a lot of families. Grows out of something real. Though it's pretty outrageous. Yeah, usually the step dad is the bad guy. The evil one. And, you know, he's a genuinely Li sweet guy who wants to be accept bdty kids. I just can't take the fact that somebody now is living in my role. And soy come back to reclaim my family and craziness ensues. Skrou have four kids now, right? I've got four. Did they weigh in? They suspect seen it yet. Mom is the censor board. You did an stain gram of the Christmas sweater, right? Sal and Billy wearing them. That's more inappropriate than the content of the movie. But yeah. My picture looks more like you. That one looks like dick Clark right there. That is dick Clark. Not mark Wahlberg. On a didn't note. You have said you oh so much or of you success to your catholic faith. You had the chance this fall, when pope Francis came in, to play a part. What was that like? It was amazing. I sat in church. A priest was saying you can be at church, but not be involved. They asked me to do the collection. They asked me to host the pope. You can't say no. I don't do good at hosting. Families from different continents. Mispronouncing their names was an issue. It was a big job. Amazing to see how many people he's got coming back to the church now. He's trying to change things. The spirit he unleashed was so great. I've been around a lot of famous people pip have never seen so many people excited about one person. You have your wahlburgers going on. We're opening one here. You did something special after the Paris attacks. Donating proceeds to the red cross. Paris is my favorite city in the world. I was forge gnat enough to work there. Made a movie there. A bad movie. It was great experience. I try to go there often. You did a great thing. "Daddy's home" is great movie. Thank you. I heard my smile takes over

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"The \"Ted\" star discusses his new film about two dads squaring off for the love of their family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35753478","title":"Mark Wahlberg Teams Up With Will Ferrell in 'Daddy's Home'","url":"/GMA/video/mark-wahlberg-teams-ferrell-daddys-home-35753478"}