Beatle's Daughter Shares Favorite Vegetarian Dishes

Mary McCartney's "Food" is filled with simple, delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy.
2:27 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for Beatle's Daughter Shares Favorite Vegetarian Dishes
A brand new book out her father Paulus the legendary -- sister Stella is a fashion superstar an -- -- Is making her mark in the world of food that is the title of her new cookbook where she shares her family's love of the vegetarian dishes inspired by her mom. Make talked about it all -- ABC's Lindsay Janice. Her father is one of the most famous rock stars in the world. And her sister a superstar fashion designer dressing a -- from Kate -- did -- it helps -- Now another McCartney married is sharing her entire family's passion for delicious vegetarian cooking. In a gorgeous new -- simply called food. She's bringing us the style of eating they all learn to love from their mom acclaimed photographer Linda. We met at New York city's famed vegetarian restaurant dirt candy. Thanks to make up my parents because they thought -- Karen wouldn't say how amazingly tasty it was only. -- we don't roll our -- by how glorious fact. With the colorful family recipes in her book -- hopes to convince more people that vegetables don't have to be boring or bland and she remembers the very moment her parents decided to give up meets. -- -- greasing and I'm child and they had top winds and while those plans to send key aides and then making that they -- -- evening. I was there they sat cost Dallas fed said going to be vegetarian. From then on she says her data was obsessed with making sure they weren't missing out its -- spoke about -- and how to fill that hole in the middle of the plate that's left -- -- happening fast Mary still cooks regularly for her daddy was or neighbor back in London -- -- does one of his top for. What if the Fed -- found fate put this on my fast favorite male that I could they have -- -- -- -- -- nice to let -- also say it with some days she's faithful -- And then -- some sweet culprits of the -- one of my bet on the favorite because she loves me Colin. The amazing flavors of rock and roll royalty status it's great. Good Morning America -- -- ABC news New York. Did you find the rescues from their McCartney's cheese and they -- bake. And her sweet corn traders are good morning -- dot -- on Yahoo!.

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{"id":19280741,"title":"Beatle's Daughter Shares Favorite Vegetarian Dishes","duration":"2:27","description":"Mary McCartney's \"Food\" is filled with simple, delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy.","url":"/GMA/video/mary-mccartneys-food-recipes-paul-mccartneys-daughter-shares-19280741","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}