Brush Fire North of LA Reaches Pacific

Two thousand homes are threatened by wildfire fueled by dry hot winds.
3:06 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Brush Fire North of LA Reaches Pacific
But right to nose out-of-control fires burning to the pacific coast. You see this pesticide plant throwing toxic smoke into t air. The winds so strong here's what they sound like right in the middle of the firestorm. Firefighters been working all through the night going door to door and abc's david wright is on the fire lines north of los angeles and, david, boy, we see those fires right behind you. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, george. It it, it is dry. It is windy and as you can see perfect conditions for wildfire. This fire is now about 12 1/2 acre or 12 1/2 square miles and growing. 2,000 homes and 100 businesses in harm's way and as you said, it stretches all the way to the ocean. From the air and on the ground. So much of that heat this way. Reporter: A desperate battle of elements. Water versus fire. And air. Wind to be more precise. Walls of flame and a ceiling of smoke here on the scorched earth, it can often seem like a futile effort. Right here. Embers all over the place. Reporter: Million dollar homes burst into flames despite the best efforts of firefighters to protect them. I actually watched mine go up in flames along with my boat. I can look up on the hill and it's completely gone. Reporter: Nearly a thousand firefighters are here on the ground. Backed up by more than a hundred fire engines, half a dozen helicopters, amy of humans against mother nature. Not exactly a fair fight. Home owners had to clear out with little warning and not enough time to grab precious possessions. Abc's akiko fujita is here on the fire lines. Reporter: The winds have been so strong, this fire has traveled five miles in just two hours. Those flames back there are headed trait for the ocean. Reporter: A mere garden hose doesn't seem like much protection at all. Humans weren't the only ones on edge. Farm animals and wild animals ran for their lives. Now, this morning people are going to be -- the incident commander will take a close look at this fire. A lot will depend today on the intensity of those winds. They have made the fire very unpredictable. David, thanks. More from sam. They are so strong. The only good news we have for that area, george, is that the wins come down a little today and down less tomorrow. Again, the pictures coming out of california are just heartbreaking but it is exactly the three things that will drive the worst fire seasons and all happening together at one time, the incredibly dry ground there, 3% humidity in the air yesterday in the fire zone, record high TEMPERATURES ALREADY IN THE 90s And even add to that the stronger winds make it a fourth, santa anas, a little too strong. The winds die down. One more day of very strong temperatures. But I think the picture you're seeing from this spring will lead into a really tough summer for this area. We don't see this pattern breaking and we'll talk more

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{"id":19099165,"title":"Brush Fire North of LA Reaches Pacific","duration":"3:06","description":"Two thousand homes are threatened by wildfire fueled by dry hot winds.","url":"/GMA/video/massive-fire-north-la-reaches-pacific-19099165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}