Dating Website's Survey Reveals Users' Desires in Love's unscientific survey suggests which characteristics attract each gender.
3:45 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Dating Website's Survey Reveals Users' Desires in Love
So, valentine's day is right around the corner. Thanks to match.Com we can all be one step closer to figuring out exactly what men and women really want when it comes to love. The dating site just released the result of their unscientific but provocative study. And linsey davis has the details. I'm going to be the one guy on earth who knows what women want. Reporter: You're welcome, my little sweet buns. Reporter: You might not have to be a mind reader like mel gibson in the movie "what women want" to know what singles want mate. A brand-new survey from match.Com reveals what men and women find attractive in the opposite sex. Attributes that surprised many of thees we found toning and honing their bodies at a new york sports club. Are there certain body parts you'd be attracted to? The eyes. Reporter: In the online and unscientific survey, eyes didn't score in the top ten things men or women judge the opposite sex on the most. Would it surprise you to know that the number one thing that men is attracted to women, teeth? Really? Reporter: Whoopi goldberg of "the view," suggests she's not so picky when it comes to the pearly whites. I want you to have some teeth. Reporter: But when we talked to some red-blooded, iron-pumping singles, several did suggest teeth are something they notice. I see a smile, definitely. Probably their smile. Reporter: Speaking of the mou mouth, it's not your smile, but what comes out of it. Second thing is grammer. Oh. I love grammer. Reporter: Would it turn you off if somebody was saying ain or double-negatives? I think this is the age of texting that goes on. People use a lot of shorthand. But I find it to be horrifying. Reporter: While men and women agree that teeth and grammer are the two most important attributes, women say they judge men on clothes, followed by hair. Men prioritize hair right before clothes. Top must-have for 63% of men, someone they can trust. While 84% of women say someone who treats them with respect. And apparently virgins need not apply. 42% aunattacheden and women say they wouldn't date one. Would you date a virgin? I think I'm too old for that. Reporter: But what will apparently get you on the fast track to a hot date. Some dental floss and toothpaste. You both have nice teeth. That should make you eligible bachelor say. For "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. And we're joined, now, by ziggy flicker for your take on the survey. Teeth? Really? I thought it was the eyes were the window to the soul. Teeth because smile. All it takes is a smile to say hi, how are you? And if you take good care of your teeth, you're probably taking care of other body parts. It's about hygiene. Absolutely. I totally agree with 2345. Women, according to this, really look at clothing. Men don't care about clothing. They care more about hair. Yes. Women care about watch, shoes and clothing. Watches? A woman will always stair at what type of watch you're wearing. Does that signify wealth, though? It signifies what type of style. A lot of my friends don't wear watches. What does that say? It will take them longer to figure out. Everybody tries to size up everybody. And a lot of men will not wear watches for that reason. But the whole point is, it's to get -- many other reasons.

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{"id":18419193,"title":"Dating Website's Survey Reveals Users' Desires in Love","duration":"3:45","description":"'s unscientific survey suggests which characteristics attract each gender.","url":"/GMA/video/matchcoms-survey-reveals-users-desires-love-18419193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}