Matthew Rhys Talks Season 2 of 'The Americans'

The Welsh star shines light on where the hit show is headed.
11:35 | 04/11/14

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Transcript for Matthew Rhys Talks Season 2 of 'The Americans'
Solar energy. Asked ministers. George chasing them around to book a residential area quite street deserted -- night. -- down into culture comes around 200 actually -- proceed in the morning. Yeah. Lacey and. -- -- -- -- Cocaine and so on the clock for the job and then get home Vernon -- -- -- -- okay good. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is pop and in the culture you know that's we have the popcorn here and. Today's -- Matthew Reese is the star of the Americans on FX and in which he plays. A Russian pretending to -- American -- himself is -- Pretending to be god knows what I don't know I think he's a deceptive -- that's what he's so convincing. And -- never met but we're meeting now so Matthew -- thank you very much what introduction what ever we call show you look at that. See that's what this thing cries of cook's cap. This -- in the -- accent speaking with now. I -- people must be so disappointed to reach my mother is easing up yet experts is yes yes and they've watched you for it five years on Brothers and sisters yes and your your this American lawyer and wine country. And Sally Field if your mother and now you're pure and actual automatic I just believe that it wouldn't matter if even I believe it when I was -- -- he did you know and now. You do a series where. You are really Russian. But -- American again and it's a great American accent which means you're tricky guy and that's been said biffle real yet what you're doing it now so -- And when you're on a series -- -- -- -- -- -- the would you wake up and be speaking Russian yet has yet he wraps -- now he can't do that he had. Not -- is then. Funny enough of habitat has and the training I did in I would to have Battie sort of -- -- -- -- British drama school of the it's the ball well and -- -- dramatic call and an ironically enough the the -- the of the principal of the time was -- Would revolutionize its its teaching abroad team. New York. -- studio based teaches who kind of you know brought the whole. I met -- American version of step in those times he says so -- whole point point of view is. When you lie Utah as much truth as possible all if you -- then it comes from is much truth is possible. And ironically enough Joseph wise but the crates of the Americans -- said about you know deception when -- you know when the CIA. Approaching a similar situations tonight it's the same. You tell as much truth as possible therefore there's less chance of being court Tara -- -- further cannot has removed cannot sort of you don't. You can transform and communion like way to trying to remain as truthful as -- -- ultimately you're trying to convince the person in front of you. And the eulogies therefore -- a power thousand in both worlds but I need to do due diligence or you do to to those poor people. That may not know what the Americans is at all. Who is this. Phillip Jennings the pot -- pay on the Americans is one half of the KGB secret sound unit working in Washington DC in the in the eighteenth and he was placing Washington fifteen years ago way and -- -- KGB agent played by -- Russell. -- their mandate was to intelligence gather on the -- the KGB tunes height of the Cold War. And as a result today a unique team they've had had children to create the perfect cover. To create -- so perfect white picket fence family in order to secure -- But what we're seeing is in that first season is the growing love story and yet. Both of you are sleeping around for your job yes which and Hollywood -- I know this if that is what the heck yeah Connecticut products -- -- allocate out of Baghdad. But I was -- you know about all have and listen the honey -- -- -- -- it was enormous you know. At that time. The KGB even hide some sort of DeVon in English -- to sort of teach. Them agents that are of some some auctions scales are fine. I have fascinating -- some sort of it's probably a Teddy Thomas. Katic and some bot teasing out toward the -- -- and I can't. But -- what's fantastic about this in the fifties and it's about this the evolution -- -- -- babe. The involvement of of their relationship and how difficult that is. -- needs in -- securing in the second season. How -- the honey tapping the -- -- people for a intelligence. Affects this newfound. Relationship and in and very difficult. Very difficult way. You got. Your -- -- the -- that this sort of sneaking legal liking America yes it was like. Maybe we should just a year navy. It's not so bad why seagulls like well yes and listening to what I just by that was yesterday's -- degree of this sort of an enjoyment of the materialism that's presented and animal cops -- elements of the of the country. In in presenting him as -- way he would have grown up in Russia and some posts -- -- two balls. He would've grown up to an abject poverty so I think this life this life stopping him is incredibly. Attractive. I think that the I think he knows days a time limit on what -- doing so I I think he Hayes. In the face he's he -- of detection I think that at -- defection lies in fact he wants to secure his children's future more than. You know a good bit of -- opponents. Do you long to play welshman in in an American TV I wouldn't ought to do you I wouldn't know what to do it would it would be I -- Is so it's your goal basically yes to take roles from American actors for the rest of your career there was a pact is a practice made -- -- on. In drama school and -- academy but that's what they sway. You have to switch to do is to go to America and take roles some hard -- American -- -- it's a conspiracy it is and I think. I'm happy that we could reveal a little bit today and that you review it without -- without I'm probably the first whistle blow. Impact -- probably won't be able to go back to the septa -- -- today. Idea I think -- have to -- -- -- to fix something that sadness that we need to get back at them may do it -- against him in business. The business cycle show. Which we know who can influence and yeah what's going on win. It's odd because like I just thought of the film you were in in which you actually do play well sprint which is called the edge of love and you all are. Dylan Thomas and science that must've been so different free. Two of actually played someone that comes from your own country funnily enough you had kid and I -- -- -- myself. Kia was English playing Welsh -- -- to -- Irish. I was Welsh or Lou character pretended to -- English. It was he had with sort of comedy that's as schizophrenic life it is it is it's just what you live there even. The one time I did get to see -- -- eight. It was a while ago and it was on the west and and it was the graduate with Kathleen Turner and again yet taking an iconic American -- when Benjamin -- you know that we see as Dustin Hoffman. And you go on stage and say -- American again. And thousands of the first time that I prop legitimately played in -- -- and -- -- who helped me with the Jackson was -- ten. She did she did she did she know she had to be stark naked every single perform I never looked at a -- well that's just insult. What he is that they hinted that and I have a young 24 year old on the -- -- first time with a major Hollywood stock. So find God's but pop band embody that moment she jumps or clothes all of them are gone more than a -- is wearing -- smile and how high he and and Vatican and have these kind of melt down we he does no way to look now on -- I coastal. I I thought it -- milk. She's gonna think I'm not being shouldn't count and a little bit of a a such an -- but and I thought I don't know she might be insulted that I'm not look at. I mean. No I'm Kathleen deliver items to be bothered -- no but it was a D'Alema however I do I never did look. -- as we end it's -- isn't so. Oh so -- -- song and I do you could seeing an American song in American accent -- or I hate how all Welsh saw in the Welsh accent. You if you still really can do Welsh accent hazardous what you're doing -- I'm not leaving. I and it's -- to you completely -- three to do this. -- is that I was machine but within a first language about speak as as -- And -- kind of mind went today he's house when he was homeless. And where from a great tradition of of singing. A good allows -- -- -- Danny -- and and Richard was asked to sing. -- sentiment saying my favorite song and he was stunned as to what he -- -- I'm sadly it will be ten songs about but -- -- -- -- They should we should -- Yes that -- people -- because contracted. On -- -- I just may not to have one way it. It has an English profanity name we don't care now I couldn't get his -- couldn't do just -- somebody wealth will be able to do -- Okay you don't need you couldn't say blip when you get to that -- -- you have almost hit that they bring myself that we've been their you can tell -- fantastic. How bad they have families sued dean and motto might be then they'll probably -- inbox -- -- up. And I thought it fed it to you know -- it as they'd like Ben are paying and -- like baton of pain and -- -- ban. And that goes on and on the lefties but that's it in but it feel right didn't tell you what it's about it's -- -- have to wait you won't even tell me you know. I now. What a pain in the ass but -- now be happy I don't. But I will be happy when I find it -- you OK well I will get that answer and the next time you're on. I will force you to do they know the Wausau with all presented -- Done yet I've pitched out when a little too high excellent moves not to -- was perfect I felt good I -- the authenticity. Thank you -- it.

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{"id":23288649,"title":"Matthew Rhys Talks Season 2 of 'The Americans'","duration":"11:35","description":"The Welsh star shines light on where the hit show is headed.","url":"/GMA/video/matthew-rhys-interview-2014-americans-star-season-23288649","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}