New Book Addresses Hectic Modern Lifestyle

Brigid Schulte discusses how to find balance in "Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time."
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for New Book Addresses Hectic Modern Lifestyle
All of us have that feeling, work and family, too much to do in 4 hours which maybe why the book "Overwhelmed, work love and play when no one has time" is on "The New York times'" best-seller's list. How she's finding time to read and listen. Oh, my god. This bathroom is disgusting. Reporter: Triple time pace of "Modern family" life on screen can seem perpetually frazzled. Ooh. We have 20 minutes. Reporter: Off screen and in real life things can be just as hectic but not as funny. Maureen, a wife and mother with two young sons and high energy demanding career struggles to find a balance. It usually hits me when I don't expect it to be honest. It can be incredibly overwhelming. Reporter: The never-ending spinning wheels of sports and activities and obligations and events can be overwhelming. And now a new book "Overwhelmed, work, love and play when no one has the time" addresses those head on. What for you was the tipping point? I was juggling work and crazy deadlies and trying to be, you know, a supermom. Reporter: Shulte, a reporter for "The Washington post" figured her exhausting pace was just the price of American life but she was jolted awake after having an unexpected reaction to a photograph of her reporter husband taken while on assignment in Afghanistan. He hasn't shaved. It looks like he hasn't showered in days. He's sitting in the -- outside of a container where his bunk is and has this crummy old computer on his lap and probably an awful cup of coffee and looks so happy and I looked at that and I was jealous. Reporter: Her research has found that overwork is making us sick as a nation. Causing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, me time is critical like the triathlon she's given up for family time. Me being present when they need me is much more important but I miss it. Reporter: Fear not Shulte offers a few suggestions. Instead of getting everything done first and then enjoying life with your to do list, joy first, stuff later. Priority. Set your own and don't forget play. It's what makes us human. But is it possible that we're addicted to being overwhelmed? We don't even allow ourselves the time to pause and think and reflect. If you took that away, would I still be happy? I would love to think that I would be. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Claire shipman, ABC news, Washington.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Brigid Schulte discusses how to find balance in \"Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23156316","title":"New Book Addresses Hectic Modern Lifestyle","url":"/GMA/video/maureen-devine-estep-book-overwhelmed-addresses-hectic-modern-lifestyle-23156316"}