Here's How Your McRib Is Made

McDonald's breaks down the making of the beloved McRib, step-by-step.
4:42 | 11/04/14

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Transcript for Here's How Your McRib Is Made
Awesome was certainly a picture what I thought was in the grip and I put wow with a bunch of holes in w.s in that looked disgusting. And I was encouraging everyone to never eat anything from McDonald's again sought big. You all want to bring me here so that I can actually see how the McGriff has made a sea of my mind to be changed a little bit I don't know though almost empty. I'm for any Mara McDonald's knows you have a lot of questions about their food so they've asked me. To help you find the answers. Hey AUS Wesley I am grass to meet you you're ready to get to the bottom McGriff respond I was really and that stuff packed. Grant was the only Kennedy in his foot Louis we have a boneless pork picnic. Which is the main ingredient in the McDonald's Madrid paddy this looks a lot different from a picture that I saw its quarter. So this is the this this is what we purchase and and bring in the facility to create an anchor well thanks to see whoever is next yeah very over Iraq. So where we headed now so we're gonna head watch. Or we introduced into the process come on up. This is the same cut of meat that we up in the Kitchener do you ever seen this much meat. The bar and there's no and snowballs down grants all its alternately I don't know let me fill one of the pieces in the bag you know they they try to. And into the American. Let me get the bottom one of these fees there's there's not the minute that's this is good. So this will be lifted up and they go up that he dropped it could take a look at that process and event. We're gonna come on this vantage point we can see the entire production more okay. As a great vantage point to survey Arab media empire. Every piece of meat that we're grinding and they're. The different process is visually inspected by highly trained in. The things political Obama admitted that does not like I thought it would be sent cabinet says a lot things being mixed in there what exactly is in there. Playing in a mic rig patty report. Water and all dead girls would habitat for sugar and preservative. Which are BA days photo gallery Pacific gas and what the conservatives scored. Locked in a flavor. All the way or another. So that's how you keep it saves them like my grandmother Margaret you were wrong rough mean it's like she doesn't home lift the entire. West cigarette mom makes it McGriff who. The wapner that the mad. Borman ended at their grip say he's going around behind you. You'll see where we're apartment meg forever in the iconic horror that resembled are accurate that. Thought it was the winners say we're but I rarely find miss the water on the product so deadly blast frees people from dehydrated. Mr. Taylor can still look like come out of Britain everybody I'm back. So west is this what you saw and that to me yeah I think units but you know way it was kind of crazy because of different. Now did not know what actually goes inside of it and I know what actually put the process didn't start of the Macon. Is actually. Good. Port. So in guidebooks and we ought to make sure we are different product just like it's being opened a restaurant. There were cooking at the exact same line poker so that this would be the exact same experience exacts an expert there. How many McGriff Stevie and day out so my extension. Tom this season who. That looks a lot different from the fixed so it's so so you wind meat mallet didn't look at this he and on top. To beat me. QC great text itself. I've never been immigrant women and west hasn't either you. Wanted to have the opportunity to make your own sandwich into a citizen is complete bill goes do after we toasted roll we're gonna head. The maker caddie that's been marinated in the barbecue sauce is that looks like they act just like Norris and that yes and optical. Any the school. But officials blocked. It's a lot mess here them a lot of the other things. I thought what Robinson. Message and that's a guess that's how it should be community. I think welcoming another one of these and we'll finish my pretty soon. Followed mark what does that Vanessa. Percent of which is pretty good ground crews actually really good. You know we are now what are we. We're McGray but he's got. And I got questions sent a man and I'll finally answers.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"McDonald's breaks down the making of the beloved McRib, step-by-step.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26683503","title":"Here's How Your McRib Is Made","url":"/GMA/video/mcdonalds-mcrib-sandwich-fast-food-company-shows-made-26683503"}