'Six Little McGhees' Stars Brings Sextuplets to 'GMA'

The McGhees talk about raising 2- year old sextuplets in front of OWN cameras.
3:00 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Six Little McGhees' Stars Brings Sextuplets to 'GMA'
Thanks, guys. I'm surrounded by a whole bunch of toddlers. THE SIX little McGhees. They're here with rosana mom and dad. And these six kids are -- you guys have a new reality show on own. Yes. "SIX little McGhees." How did that happen? We were on the oprah show in 2011. We received so many overwhelming responses from viewers and things, how we were inspirational. Okay, well. What's inspiration is how well- well-behaved these kids are. But they're going through the TERRIBLE 2s. They are. One at home is hard enough. It's overwhelming. What I do is -- I try to be a kid myself. Play with them a lot. They like that. Yeah. You seem to have an inner calm right there, as they all sort of scamper around you. Tell me about the moment when you found out you were having not one, but six kids. Scary. It was scary. Overwhelming. We waited for a family so long. You tried for a while. Yes, we had. Our first attempt, we lost twins. And now, we have six. It's overwhelming for me. I was shocked. Now, I'm grateful. You are. They're healthy. They're beautiful. They get along. Although, he does not want to give up that furby. He does not. He is the boss. And how does a typical day happen? Like, if this was 8:30 in the morning at home, and we're looking at beautiful pictures of you and the whole family. How would you corral these kids for breakfast? We have a routine. We have a system in place. We get them up really early. About 6:00 every morning. Isaac. Sorry. We get them up really early. They're used to getting up early. When they get up, they have breakfast. And the show is going to follow all your adventures as you raise these kids. Yes. GOING INTO THE TERRIBLE 2s. They're not so terrible this morning. A lot of energy. There's a lot of energy. You're going to run them. See if they get a nap by this afternoon. Uh-oh. You do not have to give it up. Thank you all for coming. "THE SIX little McGhees" this saturday on own. And you can see more of the

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{"id":17942940,"title":"'Six Little McGhees' Stars Brings Sextuplets to 'GMA'","duration":"3:00","description":"The McGhees talk about raising 2- year old sextuplets in front of OWN cameras.","url":"/GMA/video/mcghees-stars-interview-family-brings-sextuplets-gma-17942940","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}