Meet the 'Best in Show' Westminster dog

Flynn's handler, Bill McFadden, tells "GMA" what it was like to take home the blue ribbon and what set the bichon frise apart from the pack.
3:43 | 02/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the 'Best in Show' Westminster dog
From the 42nd annual Westminster chem dog club show, anyone named best in show and here he is. Come on out, Lara, with the gold medal dog. Yes. Look at Flynn. Hello. Come on, buddy. Come on, buddy. Come on up. Good boy. So soft. Oh, my gosh. It's like a living snowball, everybody. Oh. Show, Flynn, what do we think? Perfect 10s? Got to give it up for these two his handler bill Mcfadden and Gail Miller Bisher. Thanks for bringing Mr. Flynn to us. So exciting. So how does it feel for you, bill, it's been quite a journey for this fellow. I understand this might be his last show. It's got to be all the more sweet. It's bittersweet because I enjoy being around him. He's lived with me for two years but that's a pretty awesome way to stop. Where does he go? He'll go back to his breeder/owner in Michigan. Bill is the professional handler so he handles the dog at the show. There were several wonderful dogs in the best in show ring but Flynn is a perfect example of his breed. He has the dark round eye that create that beautiful expression of a bichon as you can see. Very beautiful expression. Alert. Ah. Well, it's been a very late night. Very late night for him. Now, Flynn is his stage name so to speak. What's his official name. It's a handful. I always get it wrong. I always think it's all I need is love but I think it's all I want is love. All I want is love. That's right. All I want is love. So how do you keep him so well groomed? Well, he gets shown at a lot of dog shows and always gets a bath like two times, three times a day and then he gets scissored on him. I scissored on him for like two hours. He takes a bath two or three times a day? Yeah. Wow. He's literal like a cloud. He makes me -- seriously -- Did you know if that moment that he nailed it? I knew he showed really good but so did all the others. It was really an awesome lineup. Beautiful dogs and so, no, I did not know. I knew we did a good job. There are almost 3,000 dogs compete at the Westminster dog show. What do they do after? Are they Normal pets. Absolutely. And actually Flynn as bill said is retiring. So he's going to go home to Michigan and roll in the snow and sit on the sofa with his other bichon friends and cat friends. He wants to go right to George's apartment. I mean, I'm looking at Flynn and thinking I need to grow an afro and grow my beard out. Why not. Yeah. There you go. So beautiful. We obviously -- we love Flynn. I tried to adopt him four times. So far no luck. So we have one more award for him. This is the "Gma" top dog award. I don't know if he'll -- we love

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{"id":53074696,"title":"Meet the 'Best in Show' Westminster dog ","duration":"3:43","description":"Flynn's handler, Bill McFadden, tells \"GMA\" what it was like to take home the blue ribbon and what set the bichon frise apart from the pack.","url":"/GMA/video/meet-best-show-westminster-dog-53074696","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}