Meet the Hot Veterinarian Taking Over Instagram

Dr. Evan Antin has been dubbed "People Magazine's Sexiest Beast Charmer Alive" with 332,000 Instagram followers.
3:02 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for Meet the Hot Veterinarian Taking Over Instagram
We are back now with one of the most popular men on instagram. His name is Dr. Evan. He has more than 300,000 instagram followers and perhaps you can see why. ABC's nick watt explains. So we are scrubbed up here. Reporter: Smoelders behind that mask, muscles ripple beneath the scrubs, he's saving a bunny rabbit's life. Grab me some lidocaine. Reporter: I won't show you his face jaws yet. One person shouldn't be that good looking. Not fair to the rest of us. Reporter: Do you find yourself staring at him. At first a little bit. And parents of the pets he treats. My pets healthy. I'm happy. When I see him, he's easy on the eyes. Reporter: Has an owner ever said to you, you know what, you're just a chippendale pretending to be a vet. It has, yeah. They're like, this guy is just -- it looks like a model. I want a real doctor. An exotic pet specialist. "People" magazine's sexiest beast charmer alive closing in on 300,000 instagram followers. Like refresh my phone and there will be like a few more hundred, a few thousand every couple minute, crazy. Posts like this, this and this. Ew, exotic. Comments like this, if he's a vet, I'm an animal. This guy is literally perfection found my husband. Marriage proposals. Yeah, we've gotten a few of those. Okay, let's break this down. Why has his social media star ascended so? If you were an ugly veterinarian this would not have happened. I don't know, whatever, I mean. We see such cool stuff, maybe not. He started working at the Conejo valley veterinary hospital in southern California three years ago. When do you get up, when do you work. You look like you go to the gym. Thank you. Getting to the gym is something I like to do on a daily basis, get out there and get some training in. He does. Every day. Two hours a day if he's not too busy saving animals' lives. He paid his way through vet school as a fitness strainer on the side. Am beginning to hate this guy but with Dr. Evan there's more. His instagram post a video of a baby and I'm like, okay, guy, animals and babies. I mean, every girl is just like drooling. Not a dumb question. Are any of the animals grateful. I think animals can be grateful. I had a bird come in. It had a fish hook stuck in its beak. An immediate fix and make an association to it. It's all about the association with pets. My wife says she needs to take our dog in for a checkup. We don't even have a dog. For "Good morning America," nick watt, ABC news, Los Angeles. Michael, you were enjoying some of those comments on instagram. If he's a vet, I'm an animal. I love that one. All right, I think we can all agree we understand why he has the 300,000 -- I think it's working for him. About to go up. I think he'll be okay. Not worried about you. Do not take your animal to see him. You will to the get your girlfriend back. You take your animal to the

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Dr. Evan Antin has been dubbed \"People Magazine's Sexiest Beast Charmer Alive\" with 332,000 Instagram followers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39871063","title":"Meet the Hot Veterinarian Taking Over Instagram","url":"/GMA/video/meet-hot-veterinarian-taking-instagram-39871063"}