Meet the stars of 'Career Canines'

Veteran Wess Brown, with his dog, Isky, shares their story on the new video service Facebook Watch.
1:23 | 09/04/17

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Transcript for Meet the stars of 'Career Canines'
We have a big announcement this morning and I'm joined by some friends but this is about the launch of watch on FaceBook the collaboration of ABC news at 3 AM original content and great news does. That you're gonna laugh we'll we're joined now about a star of the new show career canines to American heroes here army sergeant Lester brown and his dog it's PM not. Okay. Happy crowd actually this country if he was injured when you all where in that Afghanistan and that was from an explosion is is it great for you to us now see that he's getting attention to their. That is dumb you know. Dogs are kind of the unsung heroes. They don't get the attention they really deserve. We kind of chose. You know to sign up and do that kind of thing on the dogs didn't they the coming up Reynolds program. And for them to get the attention they deserve now on the show really highlights. You know what he does for me what he's done for the country and you know they also gone and all other dogs that our military that don't have a choice but. You know unconditionally. There were quarter. And you've been so open about your struggles we know is he has helped you and we want to see more and we're going to because career canines is just one of watts is not C shows on FaceBook another classic raiders where you can see actress Olivia cobalt. Sexton people pulled close to create Lafayette club you're gonna see it on FaceBook right now also. You know that.

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{"id":49604877,"title":"Meet the stars of 'Career Canines'","duration":"1:23","description":"Veteran Wess Brown, with his dog, Isky, shares their story on the new video service Facebook Watch. ","url":"/GMA/video/meet-stars-career-canines-49604877","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}