Meghan McCain Dishes About Her 'Pain in the Ass' Dad

Sen. John McCain?s daughter says her dad is 'depressed' by politics today
5:31 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for Meghan McCain Dishes About Her 'Pain in the Ass' Dad
Hello and welcome the top line I'm Rick Klein from ABC news Saddam Olivier an -- from -- -- today our guest is Megan McCain this aura of a new TV series -- raising McCain. I think makes me. That's my dad -- -- he thinks it's just -- -- -- -- to our generation. You mention your dad was like interviewing him a little hot file. And never -- few people are you glad he says in the interview I'm proud of. You injected Jimmy and Bridget and that doesn't mean that all of you are not the giant pain in -- it's time to time. And that has been I think people seem to like which I think that's a fair assessment but it was actually really -- and he he's talked about his life actually after my -- personal questions about like his marriage with my mom and the -- of episode is overcoming adversity and his biggest things is you know losing a presidential election or as simple as a break up or you know somebody -- -- -- finger in the parking lot and ruining your morning. He is historically played the role of a pain in the butt of the Republican Party I feel like McCain's trip taken in the act. On that malevolent that they can -- -- that's that's -- -- -- we're both frustrated with the idea that I'd only the hyper conservative wing of the party is -- represent the masses. The past few weeks with the government shut down I had never heard him this depressed -- -- been maybe after that await election in its one of them. More shameful chapters that I have seen. In the years and I've spent here in the senate mean he's so depressed so downtrodden -- -- man he's never seen it this bad in his thirty plus years in office. I got -- Matt Egan -- been campaigning everywhere Armey thank you Maggie she's recently it's and -- -- -- he may run for reelection I don't know and I found out there -- it -- next on his hands on your show federal. If the talks about that but do you think you should run again he'll be eighty years old you know why fire has more energy than I -- and I can legitimately say that's it's not his age is just the idea of having another -- Tea Party election political mission you've been on the last couple years that -- kind of freshen up the Republican. Party. How do you feel like that's -- -- Just in the last few months shut down everything -- seen recently. Some days you wake up in the morning and I feel lake and not making an impact at all and -- -- -- -- up in the morning and thinking that things are really changing. What and how we're gonna -- -- -- which is an outward directed just towards millennial and I find that. My message is received much better with people in my generation an -- than older generations. -- one Eagles have a more for reason a lesson for reason to -- last -- -- Mitt Romney lost the election to be Republicans to support Republicans Republicans are giving and people no reason. To join their party right now and -- mean. I inmate now today -- nine year old. On the young young if privileged daughter of a senator that went to an Ivy League school and -- their radical crazy because I want gay people the. It married what you do -- your values plastic. People that you I don't let this very conflict of my own father he stands strongly against gay marriage but I feel strong and issue and -- spoken out. It's hard to still believe in something that I think -- that the point right and then accepted my -- how can go to our young people you have to be Republicans mean -- -- -- -- to -- Democrats play. I'm very open to an independent candidate at this point. -- is getting the hero award and play I'm here because you hide that I that's not a reality as it is it's also important statement tore apart. He added that time has come yeah I'm this company didn't I didn't get out there. But he sees signs that the Republican Party is tackling issues like say gay marriage differently. -- and the pace of change has been incredible even over the past just couple of years. Actually just custody to her with glad and the purpose of the generous bringing guns marriage equality -- Republicans and Democrats -- a how -- conversation about how we can work together. And I don't even think that would have happened even maybe two or three years ago. So I definitely see change within the party but the people that are the spokes persons of the party my father included really still -- so resistant to coming around to change in. I just don't think we can ask and people -- she's between. There economy and there on foreign policy plan and -- -- gay friends because they think ultimately -- will win. What wagered -- -- today to colonials regarding how they portray themselves and how much should they worry about surveillance and and privacy issue. I was very scared -- I -- episode I get followed around by a drowned when I got my Gmail hacking scandal. -- examples of how we have no privacy whatsoever by. To be social and this generation is to use social media. My eight issue right now is that we're gonna limited time -- young people are exposing so much on the Internet. I just worry about what's gonna happen when there are my age or older especially if they want to run for public office because we seem to be very unforgiving of people's mistakes and our -- -- don't -- -- the answer -- -- -- -- -- I now change my Gmail passwords every month and -- -- numbers which I didn't -- -- -- and still -- since the reverend. No and went -- everytime -- -- ask you. Anyone -- -- -- to run for office the meaning just think they'd had an LA figure to have women have to give up summit. Much to -- profits between -- we have -- I think more women should be an office bank. You know I was -- wanna get more tattoos and I don't planning getting married any time since I think those two things -- automatically not -- -- did not make -- eligible for running for office. -- note to close -- Pain that the program is raising McCain and tell people we can -- -- Twitter -- -- that made McCain and here at Rick Klein and you learn at or knock you didn't work for us. That doesn't for this edition of top line you can check us out all week long at And -- Yahoo! News and of course. Click on us next time.

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{"id":20676355,"title":"Meghan McCain Dishes About Her 'Pain in the Ass' Dad","duration":"5:31","description":"Sen. John McCain?s daughter says her dad is 'depressed' by politics today","url":"/GMA/video/meghan-mccain-dishes-pain-ass-dad-20676355","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}