Melania Trump Defends Husband Amid Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Trump said her husband was egged on by Billy Bush in a lewd conversation captured on camera and defended Donald Trump's attacks against Bill Clinton.
5:46 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Melania Trump Defends Husband Amid Sexual Misconduct Accusations
claims that sometime after she says she was assaulted by Donald Trump she bumped into Melania on the treat in 2005 and had a conversation with her. I was never friend with her. I would not recognize her. Reporter: So as the campaign wipeds down, Mrs. Trump is hoping to land some punches before the final bell. People won't want to go against him but my husband is real. He's raw. He tells as it is. Reporter: According to "The New York Times," trump's aides urged Melania to show her support for her husband by doing a sit-down interview with trump. Melania reportedly did not like that idea. In her interview with Fox News she is very clear she is her own woman and no one will make her do anything she doesn't want to do. Robin and George. Okay, linsey, thanks very much. Let's bring had cokie Roberts to talk more about it. Cokie, as linsey pointed out in the piece right there, real echoes of Hillary Clinton both in 1998 and 1992, question today is how effective was it? Probably not terribly effective in the same way that Hillary Clinton wasn't terribly effective in those interviews. I think that it's keeping the story alive for one thing but another is that Melania trump in some ways is not terribly recognizable to a lot of voters. During the Republican convention I interviewed a number of Republican female delegates who basically said that they couldn't relate to her. She was too beautiful, she was too rich and that they didn't see her as an authentic person in the same way that people see Michelle Obama, for instance. She was very much going after the accusers. It seems like that was part of the strategy in having her come out and speak, cokie. Well, in some ways I think that -- that in some ways was her most effective part because it was about her as opposed to being about her husband where they went after me so why not. But, again, that brings up her past and gives people excuses to put out nude pictures of her which is not terribly helpful to the campaign. I think the other part you would say to be effective is see her publicly accepting her husband's apology. Well, which, of course, she did in the statement and now she's done publicly, as well but, again, I don't think that that is something that people would expect her to do anything else but accept his apology. But, you know, look, looking at voters who basically say they don't care, we've got a very partisan electorate right now, what I do think might be true is that it might have energized some of Hillary Clinton's voters to say we don't want this man. I know, because Martha Raddatz was here picking up on what you were just saying, cokie, Martha Raddatz was here, she spoke to voters who basically said, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what he did. So as a bigger deal being made out of it than it really is? Well, I think that -- no, I really don't think so. I think even if it doesn't matter to a lot of voters who are very firmly set in their place that it has started a national conversation, robin. True, true. That women are feeling a little empowered by saying this is -- this is not okay and there's a whole Twitter site not okay with thousands of women on it now telling their own stories, so I think this has a life even beyond this campaign. Yeah, the reaction has been extraordinary when you really break it down. All right, cokie, thanks so much. Good to be with you.

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{"id":42874460,"title":"Melania Trump Defends Husband Amid Sexual Misconduct Accusations ","duration":"5:46","description":"Trump said her husband was egged on by Billy Bush in a lewd conversation captured on camera and defended Donald Trump's attacks against Bill Clinton.","url":"/GMA/video/melania-trump-defends-husband-amid-sexual-misconduct-accusations-42874460","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}