'X-Men' Cast Members on Fighting Killer Robots, Time Travel

Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ellen Page and more join "GMA" to hype the latest Marvel Studios movie.
7:14 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for 'X-Men' Cast Members on Fighting Killer Robots, Time Travel
Thank you very much. We're ready for a big-time -- they were enthralled watching. They were saying the nappies, you could change those diapers. A multitalented cast down here for "X-men." "Days of future past," takes place in two time periods, six countries with robots and an out-of-body time travel experience, that's meant to prevent an impending apocalypse. Why not? Want to wake up in my younger body. God knows where. And then what? You need to go to my house and find me. Convince me of all of this. You'll need me, as well. Why? Side-by-side, there's a time when we couldn't be further apart. You'll have to be patient. Patience is my strongest suit. Basically, your body will go to sleep while your mind goes back in time. As long as you're back there, past and present will continue to co-exist. You really think this will work? I have faith in him. The cast members here. Patrick Stewart, James Mcavoy, Ellen page, Nicholas hoult. Saw it in 3D yesterday. It is highly entertaining. Just leaves you wanting more and more. Hugh, it goes back to. I can't believe the first time you did a film here in America, the first, was 14 years ago. Yeah. 14 years ago. I remember walking on the set with this woman behind me. She was going, you should look at this tape. Thank you. Thank you. It felt so -- it felt -- wow. Wow. Oh, wow. Just go with it. I feel your powers. It felt like, not only a great reunion. But all of us had a sense of gratitude, that 14 years later, we can play great parts in a movie that has something to say. That's a tough one. It still has something to say. And, Patrick, you also have been here. But when last we saw you, you were vaporized. How did this happen? That's not quite true. There's vaporization and vaporization. Clearly, you didn't stay until the end of the credits. In these movies, you have to stay until the end of credits because there's always a little surprise. That's why I am back in this movie. Uh-huh. The reason is, that Hugh just couldn't do it without me. That's right. Glad to have you. That's what I'm thinking. You're just nodding along with this. That's what's so brilliant about a franchise like this. It keeps you guessing and nothing is ever over. No. Nobody is ever dead. That's true. And, James, you have a chance to play, of course, professor X, the younger character. It was so powerful to see you going head-to-head with each other. The younger version with the older version. I've been interested in the classics for a long time. When I took over the role, I never thought we would be in the same movie together. Let alone, share a scene together. And my first day was Patrick's last day on the shoot. You get that hand over, which I never had in the previous movie. But it feels like a relay. The energy of being the custodian of this wise, empathetic, caring, most priestly character sometimes, has been handed over to this long hair, in '70s gear with a pink psychedelic shirt. You shouldn't do this. This character won't be safe with me. But it's nice. It works. It really works, having the two of you together. Your character, so cool. But so powerful. I know you must appreciate that. Yeah. So excited to be back. And so excited to play her. Older and more fierce. It was great. Taking no prisoners. I don't want to give away too much. A little twist from the comic book. That caught me off guard, who went back. How do we still care after all those years, Lauren, about these characters? They stay with us. I think it's two-fold. They were written with complexity. The characters all have flaws. They're all tragic in some way. And they all need to grow. That's the marvel world. Particularly Chris claremont. And also, I think we cost them well. I think these actors are the best actors today. And they have grown with the roles. And they make the roles real and human. It must be exciting for all of you have have everybody. Halle berry. I like the short hair. But to have you all together like that. And you see how the mom radcamaraderie you have with one another. We shot the film with the future part first. It was like a reunion to begin with. And James did the first day. Then, it was the younger characters coming in. Being very careful not to say the word old. What I want to know is, did you have more fun with the young guys or with, let's say it, the old veterans? I have never felt older in my life than being in the trailer parker, which we called the base camp, with these guys. Because they were running around with Beebe guns shooting each other. And I was this far from going, you youngsters, stop it. Very unprofessional. I felt like the old guy. Locking myself in the trailer. Don't shoot me. And it must be a movie moment. I was running around with Beebe guns, wearing protective, goggles. Listening to you in your trailer, doing a vocal warm-up, and singing songs from "Les mis." This has just blown the perception of wolverine. We could go on and on. Thank you all. Thank you very much. Let's go on. I know we're going to have some of you back. And, Ellen, we'll talk with you later. Thank you. The most highly entertaining. And I didn't know you were a comic book fan. I knew. See? But I didn't get it away. Very good. "X-men: Days of future past," opening may 23rd.

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{"id":23636470,"title":"'X-Men' Cast Members on Fighting Killer Robots, Time Travel","duration":"7:14","description":"Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ellen Page and more join \"GMA\" to hype the latest Marvel Studios movie.","url":"/GMA/video/men-cast-members-fighting-killer-robots-time-travel-23636470","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}