The Men of 'Hot Dudes Reading' Visit 'GMA'!

Photos from the viral Instagram account -- which shows attractive men reading in public places -- have been made into a book, and some of the subjects are live in Times Square.
3:53 | 06/08/16

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Transcript for The Men of 'Hot Dudes Reading' Visit 'GMA'!
Welcome back. It has been called the best thing to instagram since beyonce talking about hot dudes Reading. Of course, and now the wildly popular count has inspired a full-fledged book. Some of its stars spent time with our Mara schiavocampo strutting their literary stuff. Reporter: Hot dudes Reading. A blazing instagram account gone viral. Dedicated to capturing what some say is a rarely seen phenomenon. Did it ever occur to you that guys Reading was a thing? No. Not at all. Reporter: The instagram sen significant was started by a group of 13 new yorkers shamelessly snapping at good-looking guys in public. Now after amassing almost a million followers, they're putting all of those good-looking guys with books into a book. This is how you stand and read a book on the subway. I am looking -- Reporter: With the official start of summer almost here, who better to help with your summer Reading list than these scholarly studs. First up, Michael who says books are his favorite travel companion so what are you Reading. It's called "The last mile." Basic I will convicted murderer that's on death row. Reporter: Next Steven whose photos wracked up the most likeses on a hot dude's Reading account. I'm Reading "The city of mirrors" the:30 part of the industrial. Julius says a good road helps him relax. I'm Reading "A different kind of daughter." I gravitate toward stories of women. Rami relate to books and his experiences. "Grit." Persevere through these tough things. ♪ See it my way ♪ Reporter: Teddy, an inspiring musician reads about his idols. This one on Angie Martinez and is a force. Reporter: It's great for the mind but could help them out in another department. I'm off the market now thanks to this book. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Mara schiavocampo, ABC news, New York. So, joining us now Steven, Michael. Rami, Julius and teddy. We welcome you to "Good morning America." I want to start with you, Steven. You have the honor of being cover guy. I am a cover guy. How did it happen? You are a student in Buffalo. It turns I spent a lot of time on the subways and fortunate to stand in a spot that was very well lit and ended up on the cover and somebody took a picture. Isn't that crazy? That's crazy and random. Teddy, what's your subway Reading story or where were you spotted. On the west side in west village. Someone approached me and the rest is history. What do you guys think about being on that website or not the website but instagram account in general. It's awesome. So weird. Candid. It promotes Reading, right. We want to know. All the girls want to know what is your Reading recommendation. Julius? Mine is a different kind of daughter. Strong women. Great book. Really. You're Reading "A different kind of daughter." I mean, Pakistani girl really did a great job and challenged herself and rose to the occasion. Got to love the hot dudes. You're deep. All right, rami. I'm receipting "Grit." The power of passion and perseverance. A good story about how to be successful. Legit books. These are not like a summer light Reading. Yeah, we're not just good-looking. We're smart. Michael. Give us yours. I'm Reading "The last mile." There you go. I love his stuff. Convicted murderer but you never know. He actually don't know if he did it or not. Thank you for the summer book recommendations. Congratulations on the book. It is called "Hot dudes Reading" available right now. Nice to get to know you. We will be right back.

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{"id":39685871,"title":"The Men of 'Hot Dudes Reading' Visit 'GMA'!","duration":"3:53","description":"Photos from the viral Instagram account -- which shows attractive men reading in public places -- have been made into a book, and some of the subjects are live in Times Square.","url":"/GMA/video/men-hot-dudes-reading-visit-gma-39685871","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}