Meryl Streep Rumored to Play Susan Boyle in Upcoming Biopic

Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.
3:14 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for Meryl Streep Rumored to Play Susan Boyle in Upcoming Biopic
She dreamed a dream and became a sensation on "britain's got talent." Remember? ♪ I dreamed a dream of time gone buy ♪ that's susan boyle, of course. Now, we're hearing that susan's dream could come true. It's being reported that meryl streep could play the role of the breakout star in an upcoming biopic. And the oscar winner has been approached and is considering the film. Wow. Come on, margaret thatcher. Julia child. She's done "devil wears prada." Whatever it is, she will nail it. But susan boyle, that's a dream. Also in "pop news," it's tough to come up with one word to sum up an entire year. But the folks at oxford dictionary have done that. Rather than tell you, here's a visual clue. One more. The word of 2013 is, in fact, thank you, selfie. I would use that one. You know what? I am not in control of that control room. They are the out of control room this morning. Thanks to our viewers for sending your selfies. The editors noted that this word has gone up 17,000%. How do they know that? This is when a follow-up is appreciated. The 17,000-times more than this time last year. They scanned web content and collect and count 150 million words per month. That's how they -- I have a couple of the other words that almost made it. This one won't surprise you. Binge-watch. Sheat, a form of meat produced synthetica synthetically. And twerk. I'm happy they went with selfie. I'm glad they didn't show us twerking. That selfie is weird. And kmart, shaking it up with their holiday-themed commercial. Not everyone is onboard because their new ad campaign for joe boxers features a line of guys shaking their boxers. ♪ they are not doing this. What am I not doing? George, I am here to bring you all the news that pops. And this is what is popping online right now, george stephanopoulos. It has gone viral. You might remember -- nothing? Nothing from my team? Does anybody out there remember the other ad that rendered you silent? Remember, when the guy said she was shipping his pants? That. Yeah. Same ad company. Same kmart. They don't care about the mixed reviews. Thank you, everybody. That is "pop news." I hope I see you all again tomorrow. We're going to go with "dancing with the stars" --

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{"id":20934303,"title":"Meryl Streep Rumored to Play Susan Boyle in Upcoming Biopic","duration":"3:14","description":"Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.","url":"/GMA/video/meryl-streep-rumored-play-susan-boyle-upcoming-biopic-20934303","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}